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Understanding the Virginia Concealed Carry Weapon Law

1h 42m

Created on December 29, 2020





As a general rule, citizens of the State of Virginia are permitted to carry a loaded or unloaded firearm, as long as the firearm is not hidden from plain sight. Carrying a concealed weapon, however, is generally prohibited. In this program, Stefan Tahmassebi, Deputy General Counsel of the National Rifle Association of America, will help attorneys understand Virginia's Concealed Carry Weapon Law, which is set forth in VA Code 18.2-308.  

This informative presentation begins with a general overview of Virginia's constitutional right to bear arms before delving into the specifics of the Virginia statute and case law that govern concealed carry weapons. Mr. Tahmassebi explains what firearms are protected, examines the definitions of "firearm" and "carrying," and explores a number of statutory exceptions to the law. In addition, he discusses the application process for obtaining a concealed weapon permit, the appeals process for a denial. Mr. Tahmassebi also advises about restrictions placed on possessing and/or carrying firearms, including restrictions that apply while in possession of a concealed carry permit. This program will benefit Virginia attorneys who want to learn everything they need to know about this important and complicated statute.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze the Virginia state constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  2. Recognize the difference between open carrying and concealed carrying and the prohibition on concealed carrying under Virginia law
  3. Advise clients on the application process to obtain a concealed carry permit, the process to appeal a denial, the parameters of the concealed carry permit, and its legal effects (including disqualification and restrictions)
  4. Define "firearms-prohibited" places in Virginia
  5. Identify the other Virginia statutes that restrict or regulate the carrying of firearms in Virginia 

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