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Understanding the Three Key Relationships in the Art World: Gallerist, Art Advisor & Collector

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Produced on December 18, 2017

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Time 90 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate
Categories Art

Course Description

This course covers some of the most important and least understood legal issues regarding art gallerists, art advisors, and collectors. It explores (i) the conflicting obligations of gallerists in the “primary” and “secondary” markets; (ii) the fiduciary and agent duties of the art advisor; (iii) and the particular exposure of the collector resulting from U.C.C. provisions controlling art transactions.

Each component will provide a structured account of the legal regime and its practical relevance to the art context actor. The course is especially relevant in light of the evolution of hybrid gallerist-dealers in response to the challenges to the brick-and-mortar gallery/Leo Castelli model posed by globalized art market developments.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the obligations of gallerists in various markets
  2. Identify the fiduciary and agent duties of art advisors
  3. Examine the U.C.C. provisions controlling art transactions, and their effects on the art collector’s role


Richard Lehun

Stropheus LLC

Richard Lehun is a founding member of the New York Stropheus legal and business collective for the arts, responsible for transactions relating to artist-gallery relations, artist commissions, art advising, consignor-auction house relations, gallery, museum, auction house, and non-profit ethics. He also works in the area of arts related intellectual property issues, including copyright and trademark. He is a course lecturer at Sotheby's Institute of Art and Christie's Education on art law and business. Richard Lehun completed his JD at McGill University, and then attained a doctorate in fiduciary law (SJD) while cross-appointed as a Visiting Researcher at Harvard Law School.


Walter F.

Presenter did a very good job defining and clarifying various roles and responsibilities. Very good materials. Thank you.

Larry S.

Excellent presentation.

Daniel K.

Very interesting for someone getting started in art law

John B.

Very interesting lecture!

Andrew P.

Very interesting course I learned quite a bit Thank you

Bettye C.


Stuart W.

Richard presented the legal relationship very clearly! I strongly recommend hiim..

Kenneth T G.

Excellent presentation

Roberta B.

I think that this was exceptional. Thank you.

Carol G.

very interesting and useful

Daniel A.

One of the best CLE's I've seen-- presenter's knowledge and easy demeanor was a breath of fresh air.

Kenneth P.

This is among the best CLE programs I have seen. The faculty was well-organized, and taught in a clear way, at an appropriate pace -- making the material interesting and easy to remember. Thank you!

Thomas K.

Superb. Well organized, thorough, very useful.

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