Understanding the Non-Accountability Defense in Illinois

Production Date: October 10, 2016 Practice Areas: Criminal Law, Litigation, and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 3659 minutes


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This lecture summarizes case law, strategy, and tactics as to the Illinois law of accountability. The lecture summarizes and synthesizes the leading accountability cases and also deals with related topics such as felony murder. Lastly, the lecture discusses the trial of an accountability cases, including evidence, jury instruction, and closing argument.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review Illinois law on the Non-Accountability defense
  2. Understand the practical issues and pitfalls involved in presenting Non-Accountability defense in a criminal case
Walter P.

He certainly knew his "stuff."

Evan S.
Barrington, IL

Very informative and interesting

Pat C.
Deer Park, IL

This was the best so far! I have encountered this problem and it his focus was helpful. Excellent.

Donna W.
Northbrook, IL

Once again, I enjoyed this program and found the instructor quite knowledgeable and informative.

Lisa O.
Quincy, IL

Nice presentation with wonderful examples

Patricia F.
Chicago, IL


Mary T.
Oak Lawn, IL

Good presentation

William T.
Lisle, IL

Extremely well informed presentation. A must course for any criminal defense attorney in Illinois.

Darrell R. J.
Orlando, FL

Very knowledgeable and articulate presenter, and very effective communicator. I particularly appreciate that he uses personal experiences in the courtroom to help illustrate his points.

Julie A. B.
Hiles, WI

Good content and delivery by a knowledgeable and seasoned practitioner. Richards excels on this topic. One of Lawline’s best ever. Lawline, please invite him to speak again! From Reagan to Clinton, Kennedy to Dole, Abraham Lincoln to Oprah Winfrey and Mother Theresa to the Earl Spencer, Richards gives a forceful, persuasive, relevant program that will resonate with audiences. Engaging and informative (entertaining) use of case examples. Notably, and importantly, "my client is my client."