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Understanding the Impact of Covid-19 on Social Security Disability, Long Term Disability, and Workers Compensation Claims


Created on July 19, 2021





The presentation will explain how COVID-19 illness has created a new more favorable paradigm for individual clients seeking both public and private disability benefits. The presentation will show specific ways concerning how COVID-19 illness and the risk of COVID-19 illness in particular cases may enhance the likelihood of success in obtaining disability benefits.

The program will help disability benefits litigators integrate COVID-19 issues into their practice. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify how COVID-19 illness and/or individuals with preexisting medical conditions that may present a significant risk of contracting COVID-19 may be used to increase favorable decisions or awards of disability benefits

  2. Prepare to show how exposure to COVID-19 or individuals at high risk of developing COVID-19 show receive disability benefits based on those medical conditions alone

  3. Advise what type of medical experts should be consulted to determine whether or not COVID-19 or fear of contracting COVID-19 should be raised in a particular case

  4. Cross-examine experts at hearings or contradict findings of experts showing why COVID-19 or individuals at high risk for developing COVID-19 should receive disability benefits

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