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Understanding the Conditional Permanent Residence Petition (Form I-751)

1h 1m

Created on March 23, 2021





This intermediate program will review the nuts and bolts of strategizing, preparing and filing an I-751 petition. Additionally, it will address best practices for documenting a good faith marriage, remedies for late filing,  and the various waivers of the joint filing requirement. The course will discuss the process for amending a petition, preparing for an interview, and considerations when placed in removal proceedings. The program is presented by Author and Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law attorney Ruby L. Powers, and will benefit immigration attorneys seeking to understand conditional permanent residence petitions. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify who must file an I-751 Petition
  2. Prepare clients in advance of the petition, and for possible interviews afterwards
  3. Review the basics of preparing an I-751 Petition, the impact of failing to file, and remedies for late filing
  4. Discuss waiver cases due to divorce, abuse, or death
  5. Amend your petitions or appeal denials
  6. Analyze considerations when the client is in removal proceedings

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