Understanding Representations and Warranties Insurance in Mergers & Acquisitions

Production Date: May 25, 2017 Practice Areas: Insurance Law, Business, Corporate, & Securities Law, and Mergers & Acquisitions Estimated Length: 3734 minutes


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Representations and warranties insurance has become increasingly commonplace in mergers and acquisitions, and financial and strategic buyers increasingly need to understand the product and its strategic uses and pitfalls. To effectively advise clients and integrate the product with the underlying acquisition agreement and manage any claims process, one must understand (1) the market terms and trends and (2) the mechanics of representations and warranties insurance policies.   

This seminar is directed to both new and experienced practitioners. Dechert LLP’s Jonathan Kim and Jonathan Stott have significant experience negotiating and implementing, and advising financial and strategic buyers with respect to, representations and warranties insurance policies.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify the context in which reps and warranties insurance is an appropriate product to mitigate deal risk and distinguish a bid
  2. Understand the mechanics of reps and warranties insurance policies and the underwriting and claims processes
  3. Review the trends in the reps and warranties insurance market
Derek W.
Shelbyville, KY

excellent presentation

Marc Z.
chestnut hill, MA

This was definitely more an advanced subject for someone not focused in this area. That said the instructors were very knowledgable and had very good interactive chemistry in presenting their topic.

Paul H.
New York, NY

This was a really well done course with real practical/professional value. Appreciate your creating courses for private equity specialists as it is not a large practice area.

Jeff D.
Vashon, WA

An interesting exposition on an area of law in which I'll never participate.

George T.
Chicago, IL

Really good, great substantive knowledge.

Steven F.
Garden City, NY

Good introduction and identification of issues to consider.

Thomas C. R.
Mahomet, IL

very knowledgeable

Mitzi G.
Pine Bluff, AR

Great course!