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Understanding Property Damage Insurance Claims

1h 2m

Created on December 07, 2021





First-party property insurance claims often involve complicated disputes over damages and causation rather than mere policy interpretation.  This course offers a basic overview of the issues typically encountered when defending first-party property insurance claims. 

Shawn Bingham will walk participants through the handling of a property case from initial review of claim file through summary judgment. Along the way, he will identify defense strategies for handling written discovery and depositions, selecting experts, and setting the case up for summary judgment.

Learning Objectives: 

  1.  Analyze a claim file from a defense perspective at the initial phase of a case, including identifying red flags and developing a defense strategy

  2.  Identify the most important elements of a property insurance policy and how they impact the insurance claim

  3.  Discuss the most important topics to cover in written discovery and depositions in first-party property cases

  4.  Develop strategies for setting up a first-party property case for summary judgment

  5.  Identify strategies for dealing with bad faith allegations specific to first-party property cases

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