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Understanding Insurance Policies and Potential Insurance Recovery After Covid-19

1h 4m

Created on April 23, 2020





This program, presented by Rhonda D. Orin, Managing Partner at Anderson Kill's Washington D.C office, Marshall Gilinsky, Anderson Kill Shareholder, and Gregory Thaler, Managing Director of Berkeley Research Group, LLC, will address issues faced by policyholders in responding to their losses from the Coronavirus shutdown. It will address all types of insurance including Property, Liability, Business Interruption, and Extra Expense. It also will cover the potential insurance recovery that you may receive for your losses, and what you should be doing now to facilitate and maximize your recovery. 

The current situation has been met with pushback and serious questions from the insurance industry and its lawyers. They include the questions of where there can be coverage for contingent business interruption and government closure orders when a policy requires "direct physical loss or damage"; if policyholders are out of luck if their policies contain an exclusion for "fungus", "bacteria", "pollution", "contamination", or "virus"; whether the coverage extension for "Orders of Civil or Military Authority" apply; whether policyholders will have coverage if they are sued by your employees or on-site visitors for exposing them to COVID-19; how much money policyholders could be entitled to recover if their insurance claim is successful; and what actions policyholders should be taking now to keep track of their losses. 

These questions and more will be addressed by a panel of experienced lawyers and accountants who specialize in representing policyholders when insurance companies fail to pay their claims. 

This program will benefit attorneys advising any businesses affected by COVID-19.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify which insurance policies apply to COVID-19 losses and how to evaluate the existence of insurance coverage for such losses
  2. Calculate the insurance recovery that clients can reasonably expect to receive and how it should be calculated
  3. Analyze what actions clients should be taking now to protect, preserve, and maximize any potential insurance claims 

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