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Understanding and Interrupting Implicit Bias in the Workplace through Mindfulness

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Produced on December 09, 2019

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Course Information

Time 1h
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Ethics

Course Description

This course, presented by Cecilia B. Loving and Wendy M. Star, attorneys and diversity and inclusion strategists at the Fire Department of the City of New York, explores the neuroscience behind unconscious bias and discusses how bias has impacted the legal profession. It additionally provides evidence based tools on how to combat implicit bias in the legal workplace, such as use of inclusive nudges and meditation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore implicit bias and the neuroscience behind it
  2. Identify tools for attorneys to be more inclusive such as mindfulness
  3. Change behavior for the better to bring about positive outcomes in your legal workplace

Credit Information

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Cecilia B. Loving

Fire Department of New York City

CECILIA B. LOVING is Deputy Commissioner and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer (“CDIO”) at the Fire Department of New York City, where she provides leadership for a positive and holistic work environment for over 17,000 members.  Certified in Diversity and Inclusion by Cornell University, Restorative Circle Keeping by Planning Change and Courageous Conversations by the Winters Group, she oversees the Fire Commissioner’s Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, Bravest Women Talks, Women’s Summits, Courageous Conversations, 10-Talks, Firehouse Kitchen Table Talks, Diversity and Inclusion Innovation Labs, Inclusion Strategy Videos, Inclusive Leadership Training, and similar initiatives. She previously worked as a Law Enforcement Bureau Attorney and EEO Counselor for NYC’s Commission on Human Rights, as well as a litigator at Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP, Kramer Levin, and the Legal Aid Society. She chaired the Board of Directors for the Practicing Attorneys for Law Students, Inc., the first diversity and inclusion organization in the legal profession. She is founder of the Mindfulness Group at FDNY, where she publishes both a Diversity and Inclusion Newsletter and a Mindfulness Newsletter.  She is also Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the NYC Bar Association’s first Committee on Mindfulness and Well-Being in the Law. In addition to obtaining her JD from NYU School of Law, Cecilia obtained her BFA from Howard University, MFA from UCLA and MDiv from NY Theological Seminary.  She has received several awards, including but not limited to the FDNY Women’s History Award and the Women on the Front Line of Gender Justice Award. She is the proud recipient of the New York City Bar Association's 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Champion Award. She is author of several books, including but not limited to God is a Brown Girl Too; Prayers for Those Standing on the Edge of Greatness; and Ten Laws of Unlimited Success, as well as author of numerous articles, such as “The Power of Inclusion: Treating Others Well is Essential to Our Well-Being”; “More Support for Mindfulness: Reduction of Implicit Bias”; and “This Ancient Practice Helps Resolve Workplace Conflict.”

Wendy M. Star

Fire Department of New York City

WENDY M. STAR is Director of Policy Initiatives for Diversity and Inclusion at the Fire Department of New York City. In addition to providing leadership for more than 40 affiliated organizations at FDNY, Wendy also provides leadership in diversity and inclusion training initiatives, as well as legal issues pertaining to equity and inclusion.  She is a Certified Restorative Circle Keeper and Secretary of the New York City Bar Mindfulness and Wellbeing in Law Committee.  Previously, she served as Senior Counsel with the Office of General Counsel at New York State United Teachers (“NYSUT”) where she represented teachers, school-related professionals and unions in labor and employment law matters. Prior to her employment at NYSUT, Wendy was a Staff Attorney at the Legal Aid Society, Criminal Defense Division.  Wendy also advocates for the rights of refugees here in the United States and internationally.  She received her Juris Doctorate from Golden Gate University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts from SUNY Purchase College where she studied women’s studies, political science and paper arts. 


Scott B.

VERY different from my other CLE classes, but very informative.

Rimfa E.

Such a useful course for life in general!

Michael B.

This is one of the best courses I've taken on Lawline. I'm very greatful that these ladies took time to educate me on ways to imporve my professional mindset.

James F.

Excellent presentation, and interesting perspective.

Gwenn L.

Highly recommend!

Mia V.

Wonderful content! Thank you.

Nicole V C.

This course was fabulous! Thank you, Cecilia Loving and Wendy Star! I intend to look into several of the books you mentioned throughout your discussion.

Elizabeth W.

Best CLE in your library!

Maria M.

Absolutely wonderful presentation!

Dina D.

Great content!

Allison S.

I loved this course. It was different, interesting and refreshing.

Caroline B.

Excellent - great tools for overcoming bias.

David L.

Not for everyone, but nicely done for some.

Catherine F.

Excellent program!

Gary D.

A great reminder that bias may be mitigated if we simply stop to question our own negative reactions to different people or different experiences. A very good course for anyone open to expanding their own appreciation of the value of human diversity.

Bridget F.

Unexpected and fantastic. Gives me hope for these challenging times. Thank you!

Carol Lynn E.

Really well done program. I liked the inclusion of the exercises.

Sarah E.

Loved it!

Angela G.

This was one of the best inclusion and mindfulness trainings that I've ever attended. Great concrete work.

Andrea L.

Very helpful

Sharon G.

I absolutely loved this course! Thank you for offering it.

Travis M.

Inspirational! One of the best CLE sessions I have ever listened to

Nancy K.

excellent program presenters were terrific

William S.

This presentation had maybe 5 minutes of useful content. The target audience appear to be pre-K to kindergarten children, not attorneys. I cannot believe this was allowed by the State bars to be approved as a course.

Antonio M.

excellent MCLE course, thanks!

Carolyn D.

Faculty did a terrific job with the mindfulnessmeditations!!

Leitha O.

Exceptional presentation

Evans H.

Diversity lectures should include a member of each sex-- duh its about diversity

Beile L.

Wonderful presentation. Very important topic. Well done!

Lee B.

Compelling and inspiring

Elisabeth O.

One of the very best classes I have ever taken. Both leaders were so knowledgable and conveyed the ideas and concepts exceptionally. Very well done!

George V.

Excellent program. Really good ideas to try.

Renee F.

very good

Melanie I.

This material was good but a bit deep and intense but i liked it

Richard B.

Excellent content,

William L.

A really wonderful course!

Michelle K.

Very important and helpful! Thank you! Very important and helpful! Thank you!!

James V.

Excellent presentation, and a nice change of pace from the usual CLE course. A slide or handout with recommended further reading would be helpful. A few authors were mentioned throughout the presentation, but having a list would make it easier to get the materials to learn more. Thank you!

Heather M.


Jessica E.

Great course teaching mindfulness strategies not only for combatting implicit bias, but also for dealing with stress.

Andrew G.

Very educational about mindfulness affect on bias. Did not know that. And i know a bunch about mindfulness.

Amy A.

Excellent class.

Julie M.

Wonderful! Thank you for this beautiful lesson.

Ralph T.

I really enjoyed this class very. Thank You

Donna T.

Unexpected and wonderful!

Lawrence T.

I loved this course!

Rudy R.

Great break from traditional issues

Mary R.

This was a very enlightening course and the practice meditations were very good.

Richard B.

Awesome presentation.

Tara M.

It was by far the best diversity and inclusion class I had to take because it focused on the larger topic of compassion and inclusion. Thank you, ladies, you were excellent and so inclusive and wonderful! Loved it!

Kelly H.

Excellent program!

alexis s.

Very informative. I appreciate. That we were provided with steps we could take to reduce prejudice and preconceived notions.

Allen R.

Not my thing (maybe it should be), but I appreciated the sincerity of the speakers

William M.

Great mindfulness.

Matthew N.

Really interesting and unusual CLE -- more than worth the time and effort. The presenters are tremendously well-prepared, poised, and present. Highly recommended (and I'm definitely not a new-agey type of person)..

James D.

Helpful in work matters and even in personal matters.


Both presenters were engaging and the subject was absolutely the best!

Michelle O.

Very much appreciated the perspectives in this presentation.

Andrea Kelli H.

Mindfulness could be a game changer for the legal profession. I think it will take a decade or two to bubble up through the profession.

Stan P.

Good meditations

Amy T.

I appreciated the scientific study review and the experiential practices.

Diana K.

Very interesting. Looking forward to implementing.

Lauren B.


Robert V.

I have regard for the instructors. The content was heavy on the benefits of a meditation like approach to address psychological issues.

Allison M.

This course was the best course I've seen on Lawline! It was innovative and captivating. We have nothing like it here in New Mexico. I have a whole new appreciation for the FDNY after watching this.

John T.

I really enjoyed this presentation. The presenters and the topic were excellent.

Marc S.

Different but interesting.

Maria C.

Very basic meditation tools but great for beginners.

Elizabeth F.

Enjoyed the "mindfulness" exercises!

elizabeth-rose a.

best course yet!

Paul H.

Very thoughtful, and different. Much appreciated.

Amy M.

Such an incredible course. I hope you add more sessions with overcoming biases.

Edward M.


Todd D.

Incredible course. Really helpful. Thank you for offering it.

marc d.


Jeff A.

I found the discussion on the benefits of a diverse team interesting. I give a recurring presentation at my company on similar themes, and can incorporate some new information on the reasons diverse teams perform better into that presentation. thanks!

William R.

Good discussion

Robert H.

Good awareness of bias.

Marci K.

THANK YOU!! this was the most meaningful professional conduct cle i have ever attended (and i'm old :))

Joseph L.

Very helpful

Elissa H.

Great energy and relaxing atmosphere.

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