Two Sides, One Coin: A Beyond-the-Basics Discussion of New Jersey Landlord-Tenant Law

Produced on: April 03, 2018

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Time 51 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Modern landlord-tenant law is the combined evolution of traditional real property law, contract law, and public policy. Every case, regardless of simplicity touches each of these areas. This program is a balanced discussion of three important landlord-tenant issues between two experienced practitioners. Dinah Hendon, Esq. Executive Director of the Waterfront Project, Inc. (a non-profit organization dedicated to the representation of the economically disadvantaged) and Thomas J. Major, Esq., will discuss current issues in landlord-tenant law in light of the field's complex history.

Specifically, this program will discuss: (1) The "unconscionable" standard for market-rent increases under Fromet Properties v. Buel, 294 N.J.Super. 601 (App.Div.1996); (2) Sham leases and foreclosed properties after 540 Equinox, LLC v. Puccio, A-0984-16T2 and (3) Roommates, Occupants & "Functional Co-Tenants in Fact." Each of these issues is discussed from the tenant perspective and the landlord perspective with a consideration of the underlying public policy.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine New Jersey’s “unconscionable” standard for market-rent increases
  2. Gain an overview of key issues concerning sham leases and foreclosed properties in NJ
  3. Explore the differences between roommates, occupants, and “functional co-tenants” in fact
  4. Consider the underlying public policy behind many of New Jersey’s landlord-tenant laws


Thomas Major

The Major Law Firm

Thomas J. Major, Esq., is the managing member of the Major Law Firm LLC, a boutique firm with offices in Jersey City & South Orange, New Jersey. Thomas received his Juris Doctor from Rutgers Law School in 2011. Since then, Thomas has focused his practice on efficient and effective dispute resolution—saving clients time and money.

Dinah Hendon

The Waterfront Project

Dinah brings a breadth of experience to her work at The Waterfront Project. In 1981, Dinah began her legal career in the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office where she was instrumental in initiating the first specialized unit to handle child abuse and sexual assault cases. She moved on to private practice as a trial attorney and specialized in landlord/tenant matters for over nineteen years. Dinah was an adjunct faculty member of Seton Hall Law School; has been a trustee on the board of Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey for many years; and was recently re-appointed for a term on the Supreme Court Special Civil Part Practice Committee.


Barry R.

Very informative.

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