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Trust Disputes & Litigation in Virginia

1h 31m

Created on March 04, 2019




The relationship between the trustee and the beneficiaries of a trust is complex and can create a battleground for colliding and competing interests. As an advocate, attorneys need to know what to do if problems arise that require turning to the Courts for relief. This course will help attorneys navigate the litigation process associated with trusts so they can effectively and competently assist their clients. The program will also help attorneys learn how to evaluate claims, introduce attorneys to available claims related to the validity of a trust agreement, discuss available claims that can be brought against a trustee, review claims that the trustee can bring on behalf of a trust, and learn how to ultimately resolve claims, short of the time and expense of trial.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review available litigation claims related to validity of trust agreements, claims against trustees, and claims that trustee can bring on behalf of a trust
  2. Resolve claims short of litigation
  3. Discuss pitfalls, tips and tricks of the trade for trust litigation

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