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Trial Techniques and Tips in Personal Injury Cases

1h 15m

Created on June 16, 2018




In the high-stakes world of civil litigation, how do you gain the advantage you need when every case is so different? Whether you're new to civil litigation or have practiced in this area in the past, having a firm foundation in the basics is essential to your success. Since each case needs special tailoring, your ability to handle the day-to-day issues with ease can really help when the unexpected inevitably occurs. Do you have a strong enough understanding of the fundamentals to handle whatever situation comes your way?

This program will give you a good base with which to start. Presented by Jeffrey M. Kimmel, one of New York's leading civil trial attorneys, this program will explore and highlight the core aspects of trial preparation and technique. While styles and approaches to trial work depend on individual personalities and strengths, tailoring your style to your personality is universally necessary to success. From the jury selection phase through closing arguments, you will learn strategies and techniques for achieving the most favorable outcome possible.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss how to practically apply the rules of civil procedure to your case
  2. Obtain practical strategies for ethically handling questions of jurors during voir dire
  3. Unearth jury pool prejudices, attitudes, biases and values that may affect your case
  4. Successfully prepare evidence, witnesses and clients for the trial experience
  5. Deliver outstanding opening statements and make your closing arguments memorable
  6. Gain insider's techniques for effective direct and cross-examination
  7. Effectively present evidence in order to shore up your case
  8. Overcome authentication and admissibility challenges

This course originally appeared as a part of our June 2018 Bridge the Gap Event.

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