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Trial Advocacy for the Newly Admitted Personal Injury Attorney in New York

1h 15m

Created on September 24, 2016




Taught by seasoned litigator Justin Blitz, this program offers a crash course on taking a personal injury case to verdict as a newly admitted plaintiff's attorney in New York.

Mr. Blitz will begins with jury selection and proceeds through opening statements, direct and cross exam of the plaintiff, defendant and defendants experts and continue through summation.

Learning  Objectives:

  1. Master the art of jury selection, including:

  • What to look for in voir dire

  • How to get rid of jurors with biases

  • How to talk to young jurors

  • How to deal with tort reform

  • How to use your challenges properly

  • Batson Challenges

  • White v. Struck

  • The importance of listening to the jurors

  • Procedural and systemic issues

  1. Excel at trial, including:

  • How to prepare and what to include in opening statements

  • The use of demonstrative evidence and technology during trial and the importance of such in today's modern world

  • The Plaintiff's direct exam and preparation of the plaintiff for cross exam

  • Cross Exam of defendants and defendants experts

  • Preparation of Jury Verdict sheets and requests to charge

  • Summation

This course originally appeared as a part of our September 2016 Bridge the Gap Event.

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