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Trauma-Informed and Victim-Centered Lawyering in Domestic Violence Cases and Beyond

1h 2m

Created on March 06, 2017



Clients often seek legal assistance in times of extreme vulnerability. It is crucial for lawyers to be able to identify and address the effects of trauma, and to understand the impact of trauma on their client’s behavior. Understanding trauma and its role in the court and justice system will enable attorneys to better advocate on behalf of their clients.  

At the core of a trauma informed practice is the ability to adapt and adjust one’s approach in response to the client’s triggers. Furthermore, it is imperative to develop and establish trust between attorney and client.  

This course, presented by Jennifer Friedman, the Managing Director of the Center for Legal Services at My Sisters’ Place, reviews the various ways in which trauma may present itself in a client, provides tools for effective rapport building, offers concrete interviewing strategies, and presents approaches to navigating the complex and often re-traumatizing legal system.

Please be advised that this program contains strong language related to domestic violence and abuse that may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand basic principles of trauma-informed lawyering
  2. Learn fundamental skills for conducting interviews with survivors of domestic violence
  3. Identify strategies for navigating the justice system on behalf of your client
  4. Identify appropriate resources in the community
  5. Provide guidelines for addressing confidentiality and safety concerns

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