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Transportation Accident Investigations: Are You Prepared?

1h 4m

Created on November 15, 2018




The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is an independent federal agency that is responsible for investigating civil aviation accidents as well as significant accidents involving transportation by pipeline, railroad, highway, and marine. For many companies and their lawyers, the first encounter with the NTSB will be after a major accident has occurred. The post-accident environment is positively hostile to learning, however, and those who have not trained are prone to many basic mistakes, sometimes with substantial legal consequences.

In this course, Steptoe & Johnson Partner Dane Jaques and retired in-house counsel Chris Paul address what you need to know to understand the NTSB and your role in emergency preparedness, emergency response, and accident investigation in the aftermath of a major accident. Mr. Jaques has represented dozens of clients in investigations by the National Transportation Safety Board and various foreign accident investigation authorities. Mr. Paul has guided his company through several high-profile NTSB accident investigations.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Address the workings of the NTSB, their regulations, and how they influence an accident investigation
  2. Anticipate and plan for issues arising from the NTSB party process
  3. Recognize basic mistakes that frequently occur in the absence of preparation
  4. Identify appropriate training topics for clients and their attorneys

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