Transgender Civil Rights: Emerging Trends

Production Date: March 18, 2016 Practice Areas: Constitutional Law, Civil Rights, and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 5536 minutes


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In 2014, Time magazine declared that the U.S. was approaching a “Transgender Tipping Point”—ushering in what many have identified as an unparalleled advance towards trans rights. Despite increased media coverage of trans issues, trans Americans continue to face considerable barriers to full participation in American society. Join attorneys Jillian Weiss and Ezra Young as they examine the evolving landscape of trans civil rights in the US.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Recognize discrete forms of anti-transgender bias

II.    Understand the evolving landscape of trans civil rights protections in Public Accommodations, Employment, Healthcare, Education, Criminal Justice, and Immigration/Naturalization 

III.   Identify key “cases to watch” which demonstrate the trajectory of trans rights litigation in the U.S.


JoAnne P.
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Excellent and informative lecture. I learned a lot. Needs to be updated, though, to reflect changes since Trump election


The course was very informative.

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Enjoyable and informative presentation.

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Great presentation on an important topic.

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excellent presenters & breadth of subject matter

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This was the best program I have done yet. A very sensitive topic covered with grace. Thank you!

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The information was very specialized but nevertheless informative.

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Awesome course! The faculty were high in knowledge!

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I have never had an associate as sharp as Ezra, and I have had some great ones in my 20 plus years as a partner in BigLaw. Well don

Jazmine K.

This video was very informative and helped explain the cutting edge legal theories that have been successful concerning different transgender issues. Also, after watching the video I have decided that I will be looking into how transgender persons should be housed in prison facilities.

Amy Paluch E.

Great program! Best in my CLE section this year

Katherine H.
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Excellent presentation and discussion. Would do it again.

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Best LawLine course so far! Appreciate all the extensive course materials. Thanks

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Very Good

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Excellent overview - the categories were appropriate and well defined.

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Excellent overview.

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Great program. Fascinating stuff.

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Very informative

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Fascinating material. Clearly presented. Engaging manner.

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OUTSTANDING!!! One of the best courses I've taken over the years if not the best.

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Excellent two person panel dicussion of cutting edge legal issues

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Thank you for covering such an important topic. Please provide updates as this landscape is changing quickly.

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A great overview of this emerging set of legal dynamics

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Excellent course, very well presented

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Top notch speakers and program.

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The written materials included are ample and interesting. The speakers are very passionate about this area and I found some issues raised that I had not previously considered. Highly recommended.

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very informative

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Very informative.

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This presenter was fantastic. The subject matter was interesting and he presented it in such a good way. Easy to understand and to stay interested.

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Interesting subject matter and I'm curious to see how this issue brings the whole gender equality issue to constitutionally valid solutions. Thanks

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