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Transgender Civil Rights: Emerging Trends

1h 32m

Created on March 18, 2016



In 2014, Time magazine declared that the U.S. was approaching a “Transgender Tipping Point”—ushering in what many have identified as an unparalleled advance towards trans rights. Despite increased media coverage of trans issues, trans Americans continue to face considerable barriers to full participation in American society. Join attorneys Jillian Weiss and Ezra Young as they examine the evolving landscape of trans civil rights in the US.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Recognize discrete forms of anti-transgender bias

II.    Understand the evolving landscape of trans civil rights protections in Public Accommodations, Employment, Healthcare, Education, Criminal Justice, and Immigration/Naturalization 

III.   Identify key “cases to watch” which demonstrate the trajectory of trans rights litigation in the U.S.


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