Transformative Technologies and the New American Workplace

Production Date: July 14, 2016 Practice Areas: Intellectual Property Law and Labor & Employment Law Estimated Length: 3824 minutes


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Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and 21st Century Automation are rapidly changing and redefining where and how we work. These forces are inevitable, yet, they are entering a workplace governed by laws that were largely developed during the Industrial Age. Transformative technologies are becoming more integrated into the workplace, not only completing tasks autonomously, but also enhancing human performance and safety in the workplace.

With roughly half of American jobs being replaced by new technologies within the next two decades, employers will need to consider issues such as restructuring and the associated legal challenges, safety standards for collaborative robotics, privacy and disparate impact implications. Join Natalie Pierce, co-chair of the Robotics practice group at Littler Mendelson, and Garry G. Mathiason, Senior Partner and Co-Chair of Robotics, for this webcast as we navigate through the legal challenges and find solutions in today‚Äôs modern workplace.  

Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand the current landscape of transformative technologies in the employment context
  2. Articulate the legal challenges for employers of utilizing disruptive technology
  3. Discuss safety standards, privacy issues and disparate impact implications
Jeffrey J.
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Fantastic work.

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Hiles, WI

Remarkable. Captivating. Speakers and content held my attention from program launch.

Mary Ann S.
Victor, NY

Very well done and eye opening.