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Transferring Co-op Shares into a Trust

1h 30m

Created on December 16, 2021





Transferring a cooperative apartments' stock and lease into a trust can be incredibly difficult for those who have never attempted it, as well as being time-consuming and having different procedures for each coop that may surprise those who have only done a handful of transfers. But with more clients creating trusts either to avoid probate or to qualify for future Medicaid benefits, learning this field of law will allow you to fully service your clients' needs and maintain a long-term relationship for future business opportunities.

This program, taught by estate planning attorney Daniel Timins, will benefit attorneys in the fields of Elder Law, Estate Planning, and Real Estate Law and is a must-attend for New York-based attorneys since 90% of coops in the U.S. are located in New York.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify questions to ask before endeavoring to represent the shareholder

  2. Determine timeframes and costs associated with these transfers 

  3. Decide on the language you will want to include in your trusts, and what you can expect from the coop's letter agreements 

  4. Prepare yourself for the many different types of processes that affect differing transfers

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