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Trademark Basics: An Updated Roadmap

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Produced on May 06, 2019

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Course Information

Time 1h 30m
Difficulty Beginner
Topics covered in this course: Intellectual Property Trademark

Course Description

The course will present the basics of federal and state trademark law for every lawyer. The roadmap will guide the attorney through the process of helping a client choose a trademark, properly identifying the type of protection available, preparing and filing the application, if appropriate, and completing the registration. We will look at common reasons that applications are rejected and strategies for overcoming those rejections. We will learn about the “radio test.”

The program will also look at special cases such as offensive and scandalous trademarks, trademarks associated with famous people as well as trademarks associated with marijuana and hemp-derived products. For the attorney who is interested in trademark litigation, we will review the various types of actions such as oppositions, cancellations and appeals heard initially at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) as well as infringement litigation in federal and state court. We will explore not just causes of action but available defenses.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review federal and state trademark statutes and laws
  2. Explore how to advise a client in choosing a mark
  3. Master the trademark registration process and overcome rejections
  4. Discuss infringement causes of action
  5. Identify defenses against infringement

Credit Information

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Patricia Werschulz

Werschulz Patent Law, LLC

Pat Werschulz is an intellectual property lawyer and a registered patent attorney with many years of industrial experience in product development and manufacturing. Prior to entering law practice, Pat was a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry, holding positions from bench chemist to Research Director.

She chose intellectual property law, as a second career because of a long-held fascination with patents and trademarks. After spending decades in the pharmaceutical industry working with patents, either researching for submission in new patent applications or developing a non-infringing alternate to a competitor’s patent, she wanted to help others file their own applications.

Pat’s patent practice has not been limited to just life sciences, but also includes a wide range of industrial consumer products. She has helped clients obtain patents in a wide range of art, from clothing to automobile parts, from baby accessories to sporting equipment.

Ms. Werschulz received her B.S. degree in Chemistry from Chatham College of Pittsburgh, her M.B.A from Fordham University and her J.D from Rutgers School of Law–Newark. Ms. Werschulz has a history of academic excellence, receiving the ABA/BNA Award for Excellence in Intellectual Property Law at Rutgers, the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence at Fordham, graduating with the highest G.P.A. in her class and the American Chemical Society Outstanding Senior Chemistry Major as an undergraduate.



Patricia was a great presenter, very knowledgeable. She explained clearly and gave good examples.

Lou H.

Got the job done.

james p.

The instructor had an obvious proficiency. Enjoyed her presentation.

Randy B.

Great information and good examples. Great flow charts.

Heather C.

Great overview / primer on Trademark registrations - I found it to be highly informative across a wide variety of issues related to Trademarks. Thank you!

Barbara L.

Excellent Presenter. Extremely Informative!

Laura K. D.

Great instructor—her knowledge and expertise was evident!

Robert L.

Excellent comprehensive program.

Ross A.

I commend Ms. Werschulz for a very informative, clear, helpful course -- one of the best CLEs I've watched on-line or attended. It was all incredibly helpful to me, particularly because it was organized so well, with terrific written materials. Thank you!

Michael D.

Very good general overview that covers a lot of ground. There may also be a need for a follow-on course that goes into more detail on Matal v Tam (mentioned) and some of the more recent Supreme Court cases in the past 1+ year.

Lawrence E.

very good


Good introduction or refresher course on trademark law.

Amanda M.

Really enjoyed this course. Very informative.

Steve S.

The presenter was knowledgeable, very pleasant and occasionally hilarious. Even for 90 minutes, there was just too much subject matter. That is why I would not recommend the program.

Phil S.

Excellant presentation.

Jay G.

All good.

Patricia F.

She provided an amazing amount of information in a very clear way. If I needed a trademark lawyer or a client of mine did, she would be my recommendation.

Mary T.

Very knowledgeable

D. Benjamin B.

Good primer on trademarks and trademark law

Chesnoff S.

Well done

Shiloh C.

Great CLE

Elaine W.

Great primer on what (and where) and what not to file

Kirk L.

Excellent presentation of content and look forward to other talks from her.

William P.


Mark C.


Christopher B.

The presenter was very knowledgeable and she made the material understandable even for attorneys that don't practice in the area of IP.

James M.

very good

Derek K.

Best course so far.

Conway D.

Very informative and great delivery

Aristides A.


James A.

Nice mix of principles and practice.

Maila P.

Excellent presenter. Good pace, well spoken, knowledgeable!

Khristine M.

The examples were incredibly helpful for understanding the concepts. This was an exceptionally useful and entertaining course.

Matthew P.

Excellent presentation...great summary of TM issues and process

Logan M.

Great practical advice and explanation.

Mark V.

One of the best general TM classes I've taken!

William B.

Good program.

James B.

Very detailed. An excellent introduction to the subject.

Sarah R.

I found this class extremely interesting and helpful. I have only done a handful of trademarks, but I was pleased to know almost all issues covered. Comprehensive overview, the use of cases was illustrative, there were plenty of jumping-off points for further research, and I appreciated the coverage of defenses. The handouts are also great and I plan on actually using them. Excellent in general.

Josh N.

Excellent presentation and ber informative

Charles C.

Just fantastic.....as a presenter her ability to wade in and address question was fantastic.

Robert S.

Excellent presenter... Packed with information. Very well done.

James D.

A good intro and overview.

susan d.

Very informative and appreciated the examples

Karen C.

This was a great program - good overview and great examples. Very enjoyable.

Andrew K.

Best one I've watched so far

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