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Top Ten E-Discovery Tips for In-House Legal Departments

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Created on June 15, 2020





Whether you are part of a large Legal Department in a Fortune 500 company or the sole e-discovery warrior for a smaller business, there are immediate steps you can take to improve your company's e-discovery practices. The presenters of this program, Beth Wurzel and David Cohen, have been helping law firms and businesses with e-discovery since before the term was coined, and they manage one of the largest and most successful e-discovery practice groups worldwide. From advanced e-discovery readiness to legal holds, negotiations, collection, filtering, TAR, review, logging, production, and protocols, this program will help attorneys become "e-discovery heroes" by learning and implementing Beth and Dave's "Top Ten Tips" for achieving the best discovery outcomes at the lowest cost. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify proactive steps to prepare for litigation discovery before it hits
  2. Employ e-discovery best practices, from the collection, filtering, and TAR to review and production
  3. Achieve the best e-discovery outcomes at the lowest cost

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