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Top Tactics for Fighting the Rambo Litigator with Civility

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Created on June 29, 2021





If you have worked in the legal field for any length of time, you have met one of them – the lawyer who uses scorched-earth tactics, ad hominem attacks, and a needlessly aggressive, rude, and unethical approach to legal proceedings. Unfortunately, we are not going to rid the legal profession of these kinds of lawyers anytime soon, but there are some things you can do the next time you find yourself facing off against them in court – virtually or in person. 

This course covers (a) the unethical tactics of the "Rambo Litigator"; (b) the strategies that will allow you to adapt quickly and effectively in difficult situations with the "Rambo Litigator"; and (c) the principles of civility that reflect how people view the legal profession. This program is presented by D. Margeaux Thomas, an experienced trial attorney with a demonstrated history in commercial dispute resolution.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify the tactics of the "Rambo Litigator" 

  2.  Discuss the strategies for adapting quickly to the "Rambo Litigators" patented tactics

  3. Develop best practices guided by principles of civility

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