Title IX, Due Process, and Campus Sexual Misconduct

Production Date: June 20, 2016 Practice Areas: Constitutional Law, Education Law, and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 3718 minutes


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Attorneys are increasingly being asked to assist students in campus judicial proceedings, particularly those involving sexual misconduct. If you get such a phone call, you may wonder why colleges are handling these cases to begin with, and you may be uncertain of what assistance you can provide in this extrajudicial setting. While college judiciaries are not courts of law, students--particularly those at public universities--are entitled to some measure of due process, which campus courts do not always provide. This course, led by attorney Samantha Harris, will help attorneys gain an understanding of this unique setting and the role an attorney might play in helping a student accused of sexual misconduct obtain a fair hearing on campus.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand the legal and regulatory framework within which colleges are expected to adjudicate claims of sexual assault on campus

II.    Identify law surrounding due process in campus judicial proceedings

III.   Assess an overview of campus sexual misconduct proceedings

IV.   Assist an accused student in on-campus proceedings

Patrick C.
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Great course! FIRE is doing important work

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I had no idea there was no real due process in these proceedings! Very interesting.

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Comprehensive and informative.

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very good!

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Well prepared, objective presentation of contentious subject

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Excellent course. Definitely one of the most interesting in my 29 years of CLE courses.

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Samantha was the best speaker and had the best materials of any other course I've taken on law line.

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Very effective presentation!

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Boulder, CO

Good presentation; depressing description of the state of due process rights at universities.

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Excellent program

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Excellent. Maybe ask this speaker to do another course like this. I am guessing there might be some new case law she can cover.

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Knowledgeable presenter, well done

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In my opinion the speaker was well-organized in her presentation. Thank you'

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Thought the session was very well done and informative.

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excellent program, succinct, yet to the point, informative and very interesting material

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Very interesting ... and Samantha's a very effective presenter!

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great lecture

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As a college professor, I find this course a must.

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good job

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Appreciated that the instructor gave contact info and encouraged lawyers to reach out with any additional questions.

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Timely and valuable course.

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Excellent presentation!

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This is one of the best CLEs I've taken.

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very knowledgable faculty . interesting area of the law .

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Very informative CLE

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Charlottesville, VA

Really an exceptional presentation. Would love an update, though, in light of the DOE's September 22nd revoking of the original DCL.

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I so appreciate the ease of use of this format for meeting my CLE requirements. Thanks!

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Great program

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Great presentation

Amy F.
Buffalo, NY

very interesting to learn about student rights b/t public and private universities.

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Interesting subject and good speaker

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Great course!

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very useful course and knowledgeable faculty

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She was an amazing presenter.

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This course is excellent and timely with proposed changes in enforcement of Title IX cases

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Would like more CLE like this.

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Excellent presentation. I especially like the pro bono suggestion.

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Very interesting to someone with no background in this area.

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She was fantastic

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Fantastic. I find attorneys who work for outside interest groups often serve as excellent presenters.

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Thank you for offering a class on this subject--very timely and important!

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I would not only recommend this course to colleagues and friends, but I would also like to attend any other courses that Samantha may present.

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Nice clear presentation

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liked the delivery

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Excellent Seminar!!! Speaker was great and gave so many practical answers and strategies!

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excellent insight!

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Outstanding, important and very timely. Great work.

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Excellent program. Instructor was engaging and thoughtful, well-versed in the subject. Would watch other presentations by her, for sure.

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Outstanding presentation

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Clearly presented, and the lecturer also spoke very clearly.

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One of the best presentations I have heard.

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Excellent presentation on an area of present day uncertainty as to student's rights in sexual consent cases.

Amy S.
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Great explanations.

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Sacramento, CA

This presenter was the most knowledgeable I have seen so far. Very solid credentials and great command of the subject matter.

Kimberly C.
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Thank you for this presentation. Listening to the opening case left me with my mouth hanging open! And the fact that the OCR changed standard without notice and comments is outrageous in a democratic country.

Kirk L.
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Julie H.
San Antonio, TX

Very. Informative, raised questions I had not been aware of in college sexual misconduct proceedings.

Shawn G.
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I plan to recommend this course to college administrator colleagues.

Casandra B. W.
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Excellent presentation!

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This course was of the highest quality. Very concise survey of the subject matter, and useful.

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Great Presentation

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Great program

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great presentation

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Very interesting. I'd like to see a follow-up as these types of cases progress through the courts.

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unfortunately this has become a very real life important topic. i get calls all the time. thank you for having it

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One of the best seminars on lawline.

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The presenter was very good. She is clearly an expert and also organized her materials in such a way that it was easy to follow. Extremely well done.

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Great course

Mary M.
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As a university administrator, this course was particularly useful to me. I would like to see more university related issues discussed.

Kolby G.
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This was a good intro to the topic.

Keith M. F.
Riverside, CT


Richard C.
Chicago, IL

Very illuminating as to degree of discrimination that exists against te accused

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excellent speaker, interesting tpic

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Very clear and informative with respect to both legal and practical matters.

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very good discussion of relevant caselaw and policy concerns

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Very eye-opening presentation on legal developments that can hardly be believed.

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Great speaker, great presentation and great learning experience.

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An eye-opening, well-paced program devoted to an interesting subject presented in an interesting manner. The speaker was clear, concise, knowledgeable and engaging. Agree with presenter that there exists a need for attorney education in this emerging area of law.

Lawrence W.
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Rita O.
Walnut, CA

Really liked this instructor -very clear

Paul Marshall Y.
Harrisonburg, VA

Excellent and balanced approach to a difficult topic. I am outside general counsel to a university and really appreciated this as we try to balance both victim needs and the accused's rights.

Retha M.
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Overview was well-done.

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Excellent program! Samantha really knew her stuff and was both clear and concise.

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Helpful information

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Excellent presentation. Well-paced, interesting and very informative.

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The presenter was engaging, extremely knowledgeable and helpful in how she reviewed the case law..

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Erin H.
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Thank you

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This was the best presentation I've watched in a long time and the only one recently for which I downloaded the materials. I hope this presenter does more programs, perhaps with updates as more caselaw becomes available.

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Well done

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Great speaker - Great summary - One of best courses in a while - Good perspective

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good program as to evolution of Title IX application.

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Informative and well presented.

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