Tips for Successfully Handling Any Deposition

Production Date: February 25, 2017 Practice Areas: Legal Research & Writing, Litigation, and Bridge the Gap Estimated Length: 4527 minutes


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The deposition is easily the cornerstone of discovery; the one tool in the attorney’s toolbox that will likely elicit the most information for either prosecuting or defending your case. Yet, most attorneys do not know how to effectively handle a deposition.

What is the purpose of a deposition? What is the starting point of preparation for handling a deposition? What should be the attorney’s end-game? Where do most attorneys get tripped up?

This course, presented by attorneys Robert Permutt and Mirna Santiago, answers these questions and many more in a fun, practical and easy-to-follow guide for handling any deposition, whether you are a new attorney or an experienced attorney newly venturing into litigation.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the purpose and scope of a deposition
  2. Learn how to prepare yourself for a deposition
  3. Obtain practical guidance on how to appropriately and ethically prepare your witness
  4. Explore tips on how to ethically use social media as a means of investigating an adverse witness prior to his/her deposition
  5. Examine dos and Don’ts demonstrated through real life deposition testimony

  6. Review guidance on how to handle deposition exhibits

This course originally appeared as a part of our February 2017 Bridge the Gap Event.

Richard Eric K.
Latham, NY

Very good presentation and CLE.

Lawrence E.
new york, NY

very good

B.Casey Y.
Newport Beach, CA

good overview of developments in Deposition techniques

Steven P.
New York, NY


Erica M.
Bronx, NY

I enjoyed the presenters. They had great chemistry which made a rather slow topic, interesting and fun.

Adam W.
Dallas, TX

Very good session. Speakers were knowledgeable and had great pace to the presentation.

Diana L.
Bellmore, NY

The real life examples were truly helpful. Thank you!

Susan M. B.
Massapequa, NY

Both speakers were engaging and presented material in captivating manner.

Brian B.
New York, NY

The lecture was informative

Stephen C.
New York, NY


Charles K.
New York, NY

Great program for beginners

Patrick A.
Berea, OH

Good course to refresh preparations.

Michael N.
Staten Island, NY

I gained so much knowledge

Brian D.
Huntington Station, NY

Very Good!

gail w.
new york, NY


Lisa H.
Great Neck, NY

Best one yet!

Michael M.
Torrance, CA

Great information. Thank you.

Donald M.

Yes. Very good and informative presentation.

Mark C.
Forest Hills, NY


Robert M.
Dublin, OH

well done

Raymond S.
Manhattan, NY

This was an excellent course for young attorneys. It lets them know what should be done and more importantly WHY. I found it a great refresher for an experienced attorney as well

Augustin D.
Reston, VA

The 8 tips were helpful and very useful

Paul H.
New York, NY

very nice capsule overview of depositions for new attorneys

Cherrie W.
Auburn, IN

These presenters were extremely knowledgeable and I appreciated their real world examples and practice tips.

John K.
Clifton, NJ

The speaker keeps it interesting from beginning to end!!!

Lloyd G.
Buffalo, NY

Excellent Primer

Paul W.
Farmingdale, NY

Solid program.

Angela H.
Hawthorne, NY

Excellent presentation by both attorneys.

Steven C.
Millstone, NJ

Great energy by the two speakers. Best I the bundle

Harold L.
Miami, FL

Good course.

Donald L.
Goshen, NY

Very well paced and interesting speakers

Joan S.
Orlando, FL

Very good team presentation.

Tony T.
Forest Hills, NY

Very informative. Well Presented.

Andrea W.
Orlando, FL

I must say that I was very impressed with the presentations. I have done trial work for 25 years and some of these tips were new to me. I highly recommend the course. Concise, clear and valuable.

Richard B.
Poughkeepsie, NY

Excellent program. While I knew many of the rules, great refresher.... Also good info on using social media.

Brenda W.
Tampa, FL

Excellent and informative presentation. Clearly presented information with perfect clarity and pacing! Best one thus far!

Joseph M.
Rockville Centre, NY

Very well presented program and extremely interesting and informative, even to attorneys like myself who are not litigators

Jeffrey B.
Troy, NY

Instructors were engaged and engaging. Great pace. Great class.

Rachel C.
Clifton, NJ

Really engaging speakers and excellent information. Thank you!

William S.
New Hyde Park, NY

Excellent presentation, speakers were concise and used examples to highlight certain points.

Therese M.
Holmdel, NJ

A very informative presentation

Kathleen F.
Natick, MA

Excellent presentation

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Wilton, CT

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Great Neck, NY

Best CLE program I've seen in years. Excellent advice. Thank you.

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New York, NY

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Excellent program with great insights.

Edward M.
Washington, DC

Good presentation of the basics.

Stephen C.
Newburgh, NY

Speaker knew his stuff and offered valuable tips for approaching depositions and the value of knowing what you want to achieve BEFORE you take the deposition.

Julie A. B.
Hiles, WI

Practical advice for new attorneys or experienced attorneys making their debut into litigation.