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Thriving, not Surviving: How to Leverage Resilience in your Practice in the Face of Uncertainty

1h 4m

Created on May 21, 2020



Crisis moments present opportunities, hence Churchill's famous quote, "never waste a good crisis." But how do lawyers and law firms adapt, stay resilient, and learn to overcome and thrive during adversity? 

This program, presented by attorney Ruby Powers, will use prior experiences and examples of resilience in business continuity to demonstrate best practices in law practice management during a crisis. The program will help you stay the course, maintain a positive outlook, flex your resiliency muscles, and train your staff and management to help your business thrive, not just survive.

This program will benefit law firm owners, partners, managers, and managing attorneys. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Take the stock of your practice's current situation, analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and learn tools to see the big picture in times of uncertainty
  2. Identify best practices to recognize, reassess, and respond to the needs of the firm, clients, and staff
  3. Revisit key ethics rules of confidentiality, conflict of interest, and competence
  4. Discuss ways to improve your leadership skills, as leaders are forged in crises
  5. Prepare your bounce-back plan, revisit your SMART goals, and make strategic plans for the future

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