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Third-Party Risk Management for Attorneys

1h 1m

Created on August 25, 2020





Attackers in numerous high profile (and not so high profile) data breaches and other security incidents often compromise and use third-party vendors to attack their real intended targets: organizations just like yours. Realistically, modern business requires working with third-party vendors. As attackers increasingly leverage those vendors to strike at the organizations they work with, it's essential to take reasonable steps to recognize and mitigate the potential risks involved.

Attorney & security consultant Scott Aurnou will discuss the nature of third-party risk, typical threats that your firm may encounter, fundamental steps to develop an effective third-party risk management program, and the essential part that attorneys play in mitigating third-party risk.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the essential nature of third-party risk
  2. Review typical threats and measures are taken to mitigate third-party risk
  3. Identify essential steps needed to create an effective vendor risk management program
  4. Assess the crucial role that attorneys play in mitigating third-party risk 

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