Thicke v. Gaye: Musical Copyright Infringement

Production Date: November 22, 2013 Practice Areas: Intellectual Property Law and Sports & Entertainment Law Estimated Length: 3719 minutes


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"Blurred Lines," The Robin Thicke song known as much for its controversial video as its catchy beat, has sparked a tussle between the Pharrel/Thicke camp and the Marvin Gaye estate. At the heart of the issue stands the question, "did Robin Thicke infringe upon Marvin Gaye's estate's copyright by producing a song that may or may not be too similar in sound, beat, lyric and general presentation?


In this course, Music law attorney and returning Lawline Faculty Member, Steven Gordon will join Copyright Law Scholar, Bob Clarida to discuss the underlying, determinative legal questions in music copyright infringement cases, addressing the standards used to determine 'song infringement', and the procedures that representing attorneys must prepare for in efforts to secure or liberate their clients' rights.

We know, "Blurred Lines" was all over the radio this summer. Lawline invites you to join us and these two fine attorneys as we explore the music from a different angle, set on defining what constitutes copyright infringement in the music industry.

Learning Objectives:

I.    Answer, "what constitutes music copyright infringement?"

II.   Trace the procedure from initial suit, to declaratory judgment, to summary judgment and beyond

III.  Comprehend at what stage music copyright infringement cases are most prone to settlement

IV.  Identify protectable vs. non-protectable song elements

V.   Determine which parties, in a music infringement, have standing to complain and/or answer

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This course was excellent. There were some very nice practice tips, including information on the cost of clearing a sample from a popular work. I also highly recommend the excellent update on the jury verdict and its potential chilling effect on creativi

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Very timely. I enjoyed the interaction between the business affairs entertainment attorney and the litigator. This gave a good balance. I also thought that their analysis and projection of how the case would ultimately be resolved was insightful. More

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