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There Is No Hierarchy of Protected Classes: Navigating DEI in 2024


Created on June 24, 2024





This program, taught by Nance Schick of Third Ear Conflict Resolution, will discuss current trends and DEI challenges since SCOTUS'  2023 affirmative action decision in Harvard and state legislation banning DEI programming in public offices and higher education institutions. We will cover recent cases of interest as well as the simple rules and best practices that have come out of them. Managing partners, solo practitioners, and others who manage employees in practice areas outside of employment law will benefit from the holistic, compassionate approach, which they will be encouraged to consider adopting. Additionally, employment attorneys will appreciate the discussion of recent cases involving the Crown Act, intersectionality, and protected classes in conflict.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze the landscape for employers and employees related to DEI programming
  2. Review the legal framework and recent cases surrounding DEI for employers
  3. Develop simple rules and best practices for DEI in the workplace

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