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The Wired Workforce: Legal Issues With Social Media on the Job

1h 1m

Created on January 15, 2019



Electronic data permeates the workplace. This data can lead to disputes between employers and employees arising from, among other things, discipline imposed on employees for social media use. In this program we will examine the nature of various disputes arising from the use of social media in or related to the workplace, and the role of the National Labor Relations Act in addressing those disputes. The webinar will also suggest practical policies that might guide the employer-employee relationship with regard to social media.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss how the National Labor Relations Act and the National Labor Relations Board impacts the use of social media by employees
  2. Recognize the tension between the rights of employers and employees with regard to social media use
  3. Explain the test used by the NLRB to determine the validity of employer actions affecting employee use of social media
  4. Suggest social media-related employer policies to vindicate interests of both employees and employers

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