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The Texas Family Law Code: Part I


Created on August 21, 2018




Join attorney Maria-Vittoria Carminati for an in-depth overview of Texas Family Law in this two-part series. In Part I, she will cover marriage license requirements, common law marriage, and grounds for divorce - including divorce requirements for both contested and uncontested proceedings. From there, the course will cover subsequent topics such as child custody proceedings (addressing child abuse issues, child support, and even grandparents' rights!), division of property, and alimony.   

Additionally, the program will dive into concepts like temporary restraining orders and conservatorship under Texas law.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify marriage license requirements in Texas
  2. Break down the Texas common law marriage
  3. Appreciate the difference between contested and uncontested divorce proceedings
  4. Explore Texas child custody proceedings and division of property
  5. Address issues regarding temporary restraining orders and conservatorship

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