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The Service Contract Act: What Has My Company Signed Up For?

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Created on September 12, 2022





This course will discuss the basic requirements and compliance strategies associated with the federal prevailing wage statute applicable to a wide range of federal service contracts – the Service Contract Act (SCA). Although not new in the sense that the SCA has been around since 1965, contractors face novel and varied challenges under the SCA. This course will not only address the types of contracts covered by the SCA but also how federal service prime contractors and subcontractors can proactively assess their SCA compliance risk in advance of a United States Department of Labor, Wage & Hour Division (DOL WHD) audit. This program will benefit not only attorneys representing federal contractors or subcontractors performing services contracts but also personnel responsible for negotiating and overseeing the performance of federal service contracts and subcontracts. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the basic requirements imposed on federal service contractors by the SCA and potential remedies for non-compliance

  2. Discuss the broad scope of potential SCA coverage asserted and enforced by DOL WHD

  3. Identify common SCA compliance issues that can arise during contract performance and how to proactively mitigate any impact associated with these issues

  4. Understand the administrative burdens and risks when flowing down SCA obligations to subcontractors performing under SCA-covered contracts

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