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The Role of Attorney Wellbeing in Your Legal Practice


Created on January 22, 2021





Attorney wellbeing has significant implications for both the quality, sustainability, and professionalism of your legal practice. While attorneys already faced high levels of stress, the past year has been challenging in many ways, creating new levels of uncertainty, anxiety, overwhelm, and fatigue. In this program, taught by mindfulness and leadership coach Kim Nicol, you'll get a new perspective, fresh ideas, and small, actionable steps to improve your personal and professional wellbeing. In doing so, you will also deepen your understanding of the connection between attorney wellbeing and the duty to provide competent and ethical representation. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the MRPC and California RPC regarding the duty of competent representation
  2. Clarify the connection between attorney wellbeing, ethics, and the duty of competent practice
  3. Design a personal strategy for your wellbeing 

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