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The Power of Public Speaking: Developing Presentation Skills for Effective Cross Examinations

1h 3m

Created on February 23, 2021





This course, taught by Robert J. Jossen, a Fellow in the American College of Trial Lawyers and a well-recognized teacher in trial advocacy, and Barbara Barron, MS CCC SLP, a highly regarded voice and speech pathologist with a private practice in New York concentrating in Voice training for Professional Speakers, will explore public speaking techniques and how they can be used to conduct effective cross examinations. 

Public speaking and presentation skills are important for practitioners in all aspects of law practice, whether litigators or non-courtroom lawyers, however, developing these skills is critical when planning for and conducting cross examinations. This program will discuss warm up exercises to maximize the voice as a vital instrument in public speaking; how to use your voice to create drama, pace and emphasis in cross examination; how to control nervousness and accentuate your demeanor; how to plan for and use the fundamental tools of cross examination and set appropriate expectations for what you hope to achieve during cross. The program will cover cross examination of lay witnesses and experts alike.

This program is designed to benefit trial attorneys at any level of experience, as well as any attorneys interested in improving their public speaking abilities. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Set achievable expectations for cross examination
  2. Identify critical public speaking techniques for use in cross examining lay or expert witnesses
  3. Use voice control for effective pacing and heightened drama in the courtroom 

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