The Patent Process: What Non-IP Lawyers Need to Know

Production Date: October 26, 2016 Practice Areas: Intellectual Property Law and Patent Law Estimated Length: 3609 minutes


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As trusted advisors, lawyers are asked many questions about legal matters outside their area of practice. One area of law that most lawyers do not have any experience with is patent law, and in particular, the patent process. The patent process, specifically referred to as patent prosecution, requires a special license which in turn requires an undergraduate degree in science or engineering. Because it is such a specialized area of practice, with about only 40,000 active practitioners in the U.S., most law schools do not offer much in the way of course work in this area.

However, often lawyers who practice business or corporate law, trusts and estates, tax, bankruptcy and even family law are confronted with issues of invention, patenting and patent ownership. The cost and time of obtaining a patent along with its economic value can figure into many of these matters. Additionally, clients in start-ups are unsure about when or whether they should seek patent protection.

Pat Werschulz of Werschulz Patent Law, LLC is a licensed patent attorney who has practiced patent prosecution for many years. She outlines the patent process, reviews the relevant governing statutes and shows how clients without proper guidance may end up losing their patent rights permanently. 

Learning Objectives:
  1. Review the statutory requirements for obtaining a patent
  2. Learn who may apply for a patent and who may own a patent
  3. Learn the pathway from invention to a patent for both US and foreign countries
  4. Understand the importance of non-disclosure agreements throughout the process
  5. Discover the pitfalls of working with invention companies
Bruce M.
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Excellent from the first word. Kudos.

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Very educational program; consistently impressed with Pat's programs.

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Very well done presentation.

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I thought this was an excellent presentation; was particularly impressed by the Section 101 coverage.

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Good overview

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This was great!

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Excellent presentation.

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very enlightening

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Good overview for non-IP attorneys.

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I have no interest in or experience with patent law, but this was very well presented.

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This was very helpful to me as an in house counsel, though I now know more about what I don't know, and am strengthened in my resolve that the company should hire a patent attorney...

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Good insight

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understandable; well-presented!

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Probably one of the best Intro to Patents CLE I have seen. Very Good! Speaker is able to take complicated subject matter and give easy to understand high level overview.

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Teacher was very good, very organized and made it easy to follow

Julie A. B.
Hiles, WI

Outstanding instructor shares a program abounding with relevant, up-to-date patent examples. Substantial bonus supplemental material includes caselaw as well as patent applications (e.g., pet coat, hair bow carrying case, and a plant patent for a flowering dogwood tree). You will never look at the patent process, specifically referred to as patent prosecution, the same way again after watching this presentation.

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Excellent program

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Good intro to patent prosecution for the non-specialist.

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Excellent course -- provided clarity for a complex and specialized area of law.

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Best lawline course I've seen. Thanks

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