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The Parameters of the P-1 Visa for Athletes


Created on February 04, 2020




This program, led by attorney Merrill Cohen, provides a detailed explanation of the following items concerning specialized visas:

  • the parameters of the P-1 Visa for athletes;

  • the information and documentation required of an athlete and the sponsor;

  • the parameters of what an athlete may do during the visa period;

  • how the visa relates to the B-1 and O-1 visas; and

  • when to use those visas, in lieu of the P-1.  

Ms. Cohen will also cover the transition of an athlete from player to coach, as well as the various options for the athlete to eventually obtain U.S. permanent residence, should he or she choose to remain here.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine when it's best to choose a P-1 Visa for an athlete
  2. Identify the limitations of the visa
  3. Advise the athlete about options for obtaining U.S. permanent residence 

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