The New York Wage Theft Prevention Act: What's Old, New, and How To Comply

Production Date: July 14, 2015 Practice Areas: Employment Estimated Length: 3096 minutes


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This seminar provides an in-depth review of the New York Wage Theft Prevention Act (“WTPA”) and what New York employers need to know to ensure compliance. 


Employment law experts Greg Reilly and Adam Guttell from the firm of Martin Clearwater & Bell LLP walk through the WTPA’s legal obligations, penalties, and those issues that remain undecided. They also review the manner in which this law affects New York employers as a practical matter in both the workplace and the courtroom.  


In addition, the program examines the impact of recent changes to the WTPA’s notice requirements, as well as increased penalties associated with non-compliance, successor liability, and personal liability for individual business owners.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Summarize the New York Wage Theft Prevention Act (“WTPA”)

II.    Understand the history and goals of the WTPA

III.   Identify what employers are subject to the WTPA and how certain employers are affected differently

IV.   Explore recent changes to the WTPA

V.    Detail specifics so that employers can maintain compliance with the WTPA


New York, NY

very informative

Agnes M.
New York, NY

Messrs. Reilly and Guttell did a great job - very interesting subject.

Howard G.
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The two attorneys made a potentially boring subject interesting.

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Keep up the good work.

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Smart attorneys with an interesting topic.

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Good class

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Very informative.

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very informative

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Very good

Kristina M.
Manhattan, NY

I knew nothing about this topic to start, but definitely learned a lot and took plenty of notes. I liked the back and forth discussion format of the speakers as well.

Paul S.
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Good, concise program.

Melissa F.
South Bend, IN

This was incredibly clear and straight forward. The presenters did a great job.

Dennis S.
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Presenters were clear; good lectureres.

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extremely informative

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Very helpful.

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thank you

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Great course.

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The program was on point.

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Important to know. Thx.

Kathleen S.
Brooklyn, NY

Good speakers, easy to follow.

Elizabeth C. T.
Kingston, NY

Well done. Kept my interest throughout. Not my field of practice, but the knowledge imparted was valuable.

Steven K.
Little Neck, NY

These were very knowledgeable presenters.

Randi W.
Oakland Gardens, NY

Very informative and excellent speakers who presented the material clearly.

George S.
Queens, NY

Very useful ways to protect companies from hungry plaintiffs bar

Scott A.
Bayside, NY

The speakers did a good job presenting the materials in an interesting and understandable manner.

Michelle T.
new york, NY

great summary of law.