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The Legal Issues Surrounding Autonomous Vehicles

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Produced on April 04, 2019

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Course Information

Time 1h 1m
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

The promise of autonomous vehicles is coming to fruition. But while the technology steams ahead, the introduction of vehicles that can navigate themselves will give rise to a host of legal and regulatory challenges. These challenges will include balancing federal and state regulation of vehicles, determining liability, and ensuring a smooth transition for infrastructure and industries that were not built for a self-driving world. Join Avi D. Kelin, Esq. of Genova Burns LLC to learn more about autonomous vehicles and the legal issues that surround this technology.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine the current state of autonomous-vehicle technology and where the technology is going
  2. Study the potential benefits of widespread adoption of self-driving cars and the challenges this technology may introduce
  3. Identify the current legal and regulatory framework for autonomous vehicles
  4. Explore the open legal questions that will arise through introduction of this new technology

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Avi Kelin

Genova Burns LLC

Avi D. Kelin is an Associate in the Firm's Newark, NJ office and a member of the Corporate Law & Business Transactions, Commercial Real Estate & Redevelopment, Construction Law & Litigation and Corporate Political Activity Practice Groups. Mr. Kelin focuses on the interaction between government and business. He advises businesses, trade associations and individuals on lobbying requirements, campaign-finance law, pay-to-play restrictions, government-ethics rules, and the government-procurement process.

Mr. Kelin assists clients in establishing and operating New Jersey and Federal PACs and Super PACs from the initial registration process to ongoing operating matters. He advises 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organizations on corporate governance and their political activity.

Mr. Kelin advises political candidates on campaign-finance compliance and government officials on ethics requirements as well as on related government investigations and enforcement actions.

As a member of the Firm’s Commercial Real Estate & Redevelopment Practice Group, Mr. Kelin counsels clients on a wide array of commercial leasing and transactional agreements and disputes.

Mr. Kelin also provides counsel to business entities and non-profit organizations on their Corporate Law & Business Transactions needs, including service agreements, bylaws and operating agreements, and policy documents.

In addition, Mr. Kelin concentrates on legal issues surrounding the emerging technology of autonomous vehicles and has written several articles on this topic, including those appearing on NJ.com and in the Commercial Observer. He won the 2014 Howard J. Rudge Scholarship Prize for his paper, “Last Chance Power Drive: Why and How the United States Should Prepare for Autonomous Cars.”

Mr. Kelin served as an Associate of The George Washington International Law Review. His note, "Wanted Dead, Not Alive: Why Canada Should Allow Life Settlements," was published by The George Washington International Law Review in December 2014.


Lisa L.

Good information on a developing topic.

William B.

Very informative and interesting.

Joe M.

Very interesting content and presented very well.

Clayton K.

This was a very interesting program.

Vasiliki N.

Extremely interesting topic - great coverage of potential legalities

Kathryn T.

Interesting topic. Presenter could have had more personality, BUT he clearly had thought in depth about this topic.

Kenneth L.

The course was a highly substantive presentation in an emerging practice area.

William E.

Excellent instructor!

Stephanie A.


Elizabeth A.

Thank you! An interesting discussion in an every changing world.

Adam P.

Excellent and informative. Thank you, Mr. Kelin

Linda H.


Robert G.

Well presented.

David H.

It will be interesting to see how the questions raised by the presenter will be answered.

Claire A.

Interesting subject matter!

Donna W.

This was fascinating and the faculty was well informed and he held my interest.

Timothy H.

Interesting stuff.

Joseph M.

A very interesting presentation

Pamela R.

Thought provoking.

E. Nathan S.

A very new evolving are of the law, so there isn't really a lot of settled law. But information re: technology and implications was very interesting and informative.

David S.


Joy N.

Found to be very interesting topic and the presenter was very easy to listen to and follow.

Joan P.

This was the most interesting CLE Course I have listened to.

Steven Z.

Excellent presenter!

Myfanwy O.

excellent discussion of emerging issues

Kristopher B.

Great presentation

Wallace S.

This is a very fascinating subject. Some follow up courses on this subject area would be very worthwhile.

Mariel C.

Very interesting topic

Seth G.

Great CLE. Very interesting information on the state of autonomous vehicles from both the business and legal aspects.

James A.

Good balance between background and legal substance.

Susan R.

Excellent presenter and content. Very pertinent. Son-in-law owns two Teslas and they scare me to death!

Sandra L.

Super neat topic that will impact so many areas of the law

Kevin B.

Fascinating subject matter and well prepared. Thanks!

Richard G.

Fascinating, as much for the pertinent legal information as for the discussion of societal implications arising from deploying this technology.

Sharon P.

Excellent presentation.

Tucker C.


Adria B.

Very thorough and thought provoking. Nice job!

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