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The Legal Ins and Outs of Liens

1h 3m

Created on September 18, 2018



In this program, Jon Harnois, Esq. of Burgeon Legal Group explores the intricacies of recovering debt via liens on real property. This course is designed to focus on the lien process, from determining whether a lien is a viable tool for to recovery, to determining the best and most efficient path to recordation of the lien, and ultimately how to secure payment for your client after securing the lien. The course highlights numerous pitfalls to watch for along the way. It also addresses the implications of the varying legal titles on the ability to recordation of liens and recovery from real property, and discusses possible alternatives.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss general value of liens as an avenue for AR recovery and Medicaid eligibility
  2. Explain the difference between voluntary and involuntary liens
  3. Examine issues relating to voluntary liens: deeds of trust, mortgages, and notes
  4. Review procedure for obtaining involuntary liens
  5. Consider general issues applicable to both voluntary and involuntary liens

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