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The Latest on Cybersecurity, Data Loss Prevention, and Data Breach Litigation

1h 31m

Created on August 17, 2016



There is no greater challenge in business today than in protecting your data. To paraphrase an increasingly popular quote, there are two kinds of companies in business today—those who know they’ve been hacked, and those who’ve been hacked and don’t know it. This course, presented by Anthony Laura and Brian Cesaratto of Epstein Becker Green, addresses two natural questions of the day: what can a business do to secure its data, and what are the ramifications, whether regulatory or in litigation, of a data breach?

Security threats come from many angles—governmental espionage, unscrupulous competitors, identity thieves, and even the garage computer junkie. What measures can be taken to minimize this persistent risk? What safeguards do regulators suggest or insist upon? To what standards will courts hold you under common law and state statutes?

If you are alerted that your data has been breached, many jurisdictions impose upon your company an obligation to report the breach. What steps in addition to that can be taken to minimize the scope of the breach, and to minimize your company’s liability for the breach?

Learning Objectives:
  1. Incorporate best practices for data security
  2. Understand the variances in state data breach laws
  3. Identify industry and regulatory data security standards
  4. Recognize the development of case law on data breaches

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