The Justification of Self-Defense in Texas

Production Date: November 21, 2014 Practice Areas: Criminal Law Estimated Length: 3651 minutes


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Lawline Faculty Member George Parnham discusses Texas self-defense statutes in his new program, “The Justification of Self-Defense in Texas.”


The public random acts of violence that permeate the climate of our culture have led to a tangible fear among the citizenry. Drastic measures have been discussed and in some cases, implemented.  Guns on campus, armed teachers, and increased law enforcement at schools are some of the “answers” suggested to combat such violence, while a vigorous and divisive debate continues over the application of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.


In light of such discourse, this presentation focuses on the use of non-deadly and deadly force to protect one’s safety, as well as that of third parties, and aims to answer the question, “when is self-defense justifiable and when is it not?”


Learning Objectives:

I.   Identify the legal issue of self-defense

II.  Evaluate the situations that may result in the use of deadly or non-deadly force  

III. Recognize the circumstances that permit or prohibit the use of non-deadly and deadly force in Texas




Jay G.
Lovisville, KY

Very good basic overview, review and update. Great examples given by the speaker from his own experience. He was thorough, knowledgeable and covered the material well in the allotted time. Thank you!

david b.
canyon country, CA

highly recommend lawline to everyone! Thank you :)

Kirk L.
Black Mountain, NC


Jane C.
Grand Prairie, TX

Very informative.

Susan P.
Kemah, TX

Interesting topic - and he is a highly defense attorney. Very good advice and tips.

Jennifer H.
Austin, TX

Very informative and great practice applications.

Linda G.
Mansfield, TX


Fort Worth, TX

good topic--and very knowledgeable presenter; this was a good overview

Martin P.
Mission, TX

very informative. gives a lot of insight

Melissa Y.
Frisco, TX

interesting topic

Fabian G.
Edinburg, TX

the outline of the law in this area was very good

Jack H.
Temple, TX

excellent speaker

W B.
Plano, TX


Houston, TX

very informative on recent issues

Steven H.
Dallas, TX

A very important basic skill all criminal practitioners need to know - can be extended to almost all affirmative defenses.

William S.
Arlington, TX

Mr. Parnham hits all the right points just as he did a few years ago with presenting the insanity defense.

Jim G.
Houston, TX


Bruce F.
Texarkana, TX

I don't do criminal but it was interesting.....

Eric D.
San Antonio, TX

Good info

Nancy A.
Austin, TX

Very practical.

Melanie C.
Austin, TX

Great examples & stories. Interesting character of a Texas Criminal Defense attorney. Maybe need a little help on speaking style.

Brendan K.
Houston, TX

Good summary. Interesting stories. I much prefer stories and actual examples over dry recitations of regulations and cases.

Frank R.
Houston, TX

Atty. Parnham is always good. Little monotonish, but very informative.

Ronald G.
Houston, TX

George was great!