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The Future of Legal Malpractice: Cybersecurity

1h 3m

Created on August 29, 2017



Data breaches around the world are front-page news every day and now, more than ever, law firms possess a "treasure trove" of information that can be used for profit in a multitude of ways. In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, the legal profession is faced with the daunting task of protecting the client information entrusted in its care. Faced with countless ethical, statutory and contractual obligations to protect this information, the modern law firm must be proactive and hyper-vigilant in its data security practices. With the benefit of hindsight and a largely undefined standard of care, plaintiffs will scrutinize the means by which a law firm attempted to secure client information in the event of a breach, with legal malpractice claims sure to follow. This program, presented by Gordon Rees attorneys Brian Middlebrook and Joseph Salvo, will address the developing universe of legal malpractice arising from lapses in establishing adequate cybersecurity measures, as well as practice tips for avoiding these claims. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the development of law firms as targets of cyber attacks
  2. Review the potential reasons for these attacks with related examples of legal malpractice claims
  3. Outline some of the ethical, statutory, and contractual obligations mandating appropriate data security
  4. Provide tips for law firm data security and avoiding legal malpractice claims

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