The Ethics of Listening - and Not Listening - to Your Clients

Production Date: July 23, 2015 Practice Areas: Ethics, Litigation, and Law Practice Management Estimated Length: 3607 minutes


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Many clients—and even some lawyers—are surprised to learn that attorneys often do not need to follow client directions, and that in some instances lawyers are prohibited from listening to clients. Attorneys who disobey client directions often face ethical, disciplinary, and civil liability concerns, while lawyers who follow those directions too closely can also face ethical problems.  


In this course, attorney Daniel Abrams explores problems that arise in both extremes: being too deferential and being too paternalistic. He also explores the special case of attorney decision-making with a client whose mental capacity is questionable. 


Learning Objectives:

I.   Navigate disagreements with clients, including when to follow the client's directive even when the attorney does not concur with it 

II.  Understand when and how to overrule a client’s request and how to reach consensus

III. Recognize how to withdraw when a disagreement is intractable

IV. Appreciate what you must do when a client shows signs of diminished capacity

eric c.

Very informative and insightful into the reality of the practice of law

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Good introduction to the subject.

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Really good program on a very important subject.

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Listened to on the app. The app is fantastic

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Fantastic presentation!

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clear,, low-key, with excellent examples

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very good presentation

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this pres was very interesting, not something i heard before

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Excellent speaker and informative

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Good speaker- good program

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Excellent Program

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Presenter could have been a little more energetic, but was informative.

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3rd ethics course. Very dry presentation, but very effective. :-) Actually, think it worked the best for me of the three I've seen.

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Excellent program

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Excellent presentation and content.

Chris K.
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The discussion about "Ghost Writing" was especially interesting.

Jaime Alejandro T.
Houston, TX

This is a great program which provides guidance on a good number of real life experiences, some of which I have come across in my practice.

Susan M.
Rensselaer, NY

Very informative discussion on ethics, particularly the diminished capacity section.

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Great speaker--interesting!

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Covered common situations in easy to understand and concrete examples. Great!

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Great presentation. easy to follow and very relevant

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Very practical information! Excellent course!

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Sound practical advice from speaker.

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Well dome

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Good presentation. Interesting anecdotes helped deliver the points.

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Great job.

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very informative

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Interesting speaker

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this was an excellent, thoughtful course

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This guy was excellent. He spoke clearly and used good, informative examples. I especially liked the fact that he was bound to his PowerPoint slides and just used them as a take off point for his discussion. I look forward to listening to Dan Abrams again.

Emile S.
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Easy to follow. A good presentation

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Very useful!

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Very good ethics MCLE. Interesting use of a current case to explain the topic.

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easy to follow and very informative with useful practice tips.

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Very informative course. Thank you.

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This area becomes more complex with each passing year.

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good course

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Very informative and practical information delivered in a nice, conversational tone.

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Well-spoken and knowledgeable presenter

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Basic and to the point. Thank you. Nicely presented.

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interesting listen from an attorney who clearly has a lot of experience in this area

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Excellent, knowledgeable speaker on a specific area in Ethics. Covered thoroughly, with examples from different practice perspectives. Bravo!

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I believe the speaker covered many areas of ethical representation that are often ignored. Good stuff.

new york, NY


Valerie M.
Clearwater, FL

Interesting- especially really diminished capacity issues and ghost writing.

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New York, NY

Good overview of practical ethical issues

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A very thorough and interesting presentation of many complex ethical issues.

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Very helpful examples. Good references of examples to the rules.

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Nice presentation.

Barbara S.
Forest Hills, NY

Very good presentation, interesting and informative, good ptractical guidance on dealing with sticky situations within attorney ethics requirements -- such as getting a third party involved if client seems somewhat diminished in capacity, or how far to let a client direct the attorney's actions when it would conflict with ethics requirements.

William G.
New Canaan, CT

This class discusses extremely important considerations for every lawyer.

Barbara C.
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Speaker was very good.

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points covered were informative and actually quite significant for practice pointers

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Great range of topics covered.

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Exlellent topic

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Careful and exhaustive suggestions relating to responses to potential client problems and concerns!!!

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Presentation was a good reminder of how to handle difficult clients.

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Interesting topic and speaker.

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Excellent topic and some of the best review materials I've seen. Very well done!


important distinctions re dimished capacity were helpful

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Really organized and practical presentation.

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It would be helpful for this program to be longer, particulrly as to the recognition of diminished capacity.

William C.
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Mr. Abrams lectures have been the most hands on and useful!

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Austin, TX

Great program.

Stanley G.

Good presentation, particularly the section on client's diminished capacity

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He did a great job with a relatively "new" but important area. I loved his examples since I could see all of them. He also did an excellent job with diminished capacity. I could see where he could expand it to separate talk (with examples from not just es

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very informative regarding rule 11

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