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The Ethics of Law Firm Management

1h 4m

Created on March 30, 2021




This course will discuss Model Rules of Professional Responsibility and the ethical considerations attorneys must follow to successfully run a law practice. Lawyers are held to a higher standard than a regular businessperson, yet a law firm is a (hopefully) profit-making endeavor. We will explore how these two seemingly competing interests must be joined cohesively in order to manage a law firm. How can you deal with your partners, clients, vendors to run the firm in the best interest of the firm as a whole - and not solely the interest of the managing member? This course will also discuss management concerns due to the current pandemic and its ramifications both short and long term.

Whether you want to hang out your own shingle, or join with another lawyer or several lawyers to open a law firm, this course is for you.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the ethics rules applicable to law firm management
  2. Provide tips on dealing with law firm members to ensure long term stability, growth, and happiness of the members and employees of the firm
  3. Consider how COVID has impacted the law firm management in the short and long term

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