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The Ethics of Client Communication: Using Emotional Intelligence Competencies to Improve Your Communication Skills

1h 3m

Created on August 06, 2020





A lawyer's failure to communicate is the number one issue clients cite in bar complaints, complaints over attorney fees, bad reviews online, and even malpractice claims. But attorneys are also feeling overwhelmed by client requests for instantaneous information. So what is getting missed in translation? 

This course, taught by certified appellate law specialist and ethics advisor Francine Tone, is an in-depth exploration of what constitutes effective client communication and how to avoid ethical violations and client dissatisfaction. The program will identify key emotional intelligence competencies that can help every lawyer become more effective communicators, and reduce or eliminate client complaints about poor communication.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss what constitutes effective communication and what skills are needed to implement effective communication in your law practice
  2. Analyze the ethical failures that result from or lead to a breakdown in client communication
  3. Identify tools to avoid ethical violations and missteps that are the source of client complaints about attorney communication

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