The Ethical Hurdles and Lessons of International Reparations: Reclaiming Assets Stolen by the Nazis

Production Date: January 25, 2012 Practice Areas: Ethics and Real Estate Estimated Length: 8341 minutes


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When the dust settled after World War II, compensation for war victims for assets or property seized by the Nazis was often ignored or evaded until it could be addressed at a more “suitable” time. And even more difficult for attorneys was figuring out the tenuous balance between advocating zealously for their clients as per attorney ethics and addressing the larger social picture. Join attorneys Paul Kerson and Joseph Yamaner as they draw upon their personal experiences in navigating the delicate balancing act of fighting for the rights of their World War II war victim client(s) but also taking into considerations the bigger social implications of trying to reclaim Jewish assets that Nazis seized during WWII. This CLE teaches attorneys how to proceed when a client approaches you about this type of war crime seizure case, and specifically, what are the ethical implications that you should consider before commencing an action.



I.    Why Should We Care About This?

II.   How Does The Case Proceed?

III.  Ethical Considerations in This Case

IV.  The Political Question Doctrine

V.   Distributing the Settlement

VI.  Q&A

Gail P.
New York, NY

Most interesting IME I have watched to date

mitch K.
Beverly Hills, CA

paul was fantastic

Richard H.
Los Angeles, CA


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Trenton, NJ

Good video

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Morristown, NJ

excellent discussion

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Virginia beach, va, VA

Fascinating story. Well told and very interesting.

Virginia P.
Bethesda, MD

the best CLE class yet !

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New Milford, CT

excellent presentation

Catskill, NY

This is an outstanding program. Ethics by example; what could be more effective!

Robert G.
Huntington, NY

Wonderful, engaging and informative course!

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Westfield, NJ

fascinating I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation.

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New York, NY

Great course, intriguing topic, top faculty!

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Hartford, CT

Inspiring. Thank you.

Neda L.
New York, NY

very interesting

Kevin C.
Chicago, IL

Loved it!!!

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Palatine, IL

Compelling story.

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Interesting presentation

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Great CLE.

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Miriam S.
Orinda, CA

an excellent course

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Worth, IL

This was one of the most interesting CLE discussions I have participated in. Great job!

Daniela F.
New York, NY

Interesting case study

Margot K.
Seattle, WA

While not the standard ethics seminar, the lessons here were more real life and practical than any other ethics course I've taken. Very good.

Shirley d.
Salem, OR

Fascinating subject and inspiring efforts of the speakers to take on such a case then define the ethical issues involved. Kudos!

Howard H S.
Carl Place, NY

was a true learning experience. This seminar was absolutely one of the best I have ever taken.

Marilyn F.
Leland, NC

An exceptional program.

Alysa S.
Larchmont, NY

The best CLE I ever took

Alfred L.
Chicago, IL


Nancy B.

Fascinating and interesting

Mitchell R.
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Donna B.
New York, NY

Practical application of ethics conundrums in a fascinating pursuit of justice. Great and inspiring speakers and wonderful human beings!

Judith Brodsky E.
Huntington Station, NY

I think that Bar Associations from all over the States should invite their members to hear this lecture. It is a true reminder that we all should strive

Carla R.
Pelham Manor, NY

I especially liked the indictment of the insurance industry!

Michael S.
Chicago, IL

One of the most interesting and best ethics programs I've seen or participated in.

Gilbert S.
Clermont, FL


Bruce R.
deerfield, IL


Adam Z.
homewood, IL

excellent, engrossing story and really made you consider the issues

Gail T.
Wilmette, IL

Fascinating. Best Lawline class I have taken to date.

Geoffrey K.
Chappaqua, NY

Mr. Kherson and Mr. Yamaner made outstanding presentations. Very interesting and presented some unique legal and ethical issues.

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Phoenix, AZ

This was fascinating. Truly enjoyed it.

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Patrick O.
Brooklyn, NY

I must say I was more impressed than I expected. I didn't know much could be done on reparations at all.

Nella S.
Marshfield, MA

best seminar I have ever listened to

Andrew W.
Congers, NY

Interesting scenarios and also like the approach of what lawyers should be doing. The discussion of McKinsey and insurance companies is accurate.

Shantonu B.

Amazing story!

Larry S.
Arcadia, CA

Excellent course. Kudos to the presenters.

Warren L.
Eugene, OR

the series of narratives were a lesson in themselves, great program.

Casimir B.
Wilmette, IL

Outstanding! Should be mandatory viewing for every freshman law student as an example of what the legal professional should really represent.

Ornah L.
Long Beach, CA


Hilary Hatch S.
El Segundo, CA

Excellent presentation and stories.

Jack Z.
Marlboro Township, NJ


Everett V.
Denver, CO

Fascinating topic, interesting digressions and an unusual, but effective, structure. I liked it a lot.

Michelle B.
Sterling, LB

Incredible class.

Mary S.
Wilmette, IL

Unusual presentation - really demonstrates ethics in action!

Denise O.
Califon, NJ

Best CLE!

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Vero Beach, FL


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Grapevine, TX

This program was Inspiring an d thought provoking. The speakers challenged me to think about ethics decisions in a new way.

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New York, NY

very moving and entertaining but also very sophisticated & thought provoking

Richard M.
Northport, NY

A superb lecture!

Emmett M.
Chicago, IL

Truly outstanding and engaging. The presenters are to be commended for reminding lawyers that ethical concerns can crop up in unusual and, at times, confounding ways. This CLE even reignited the fire in my belly about being a lawyer; before it was halfw

Sabrina E.
New York, NY

interesting case

Rachel S.
Norwalk, CT

Kudos to Kerson and Yamaner. This course was one of the very best CLE classes I've taken. These guys are inspiring, dedicated, deeply committed, ethical lawyers. So glad I took this class. I will recommend it to my dad who is a WWII vet and lawyer.

Mary M.
Sugar Land, TX

Amazing. Best ethics credit ever.

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Chicago, IL

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Houston, TX

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Rogers City, MI

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Alexander S.
Frisco, TX

I spent two years working in this industry and found it very interesting.

Kevin B.
Arlington, TX

Lots of good information.

Howard B.
Highland park, IL

the best example of great lawyers doing a great job under impossible conditions....if you dont see this piece your not connecting with the heart of the "status" of being an atty.

Kenneth C.
New York, NY

Fascinating discussion of this interesting matter and history.

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new york, NY


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Richardson, TX


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Altamonte Springs, FL

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Dallas, TX

Very powerful both professionally and personally.

Andrew Z.
Calabasas, CA

this is what legal ethics is all about. Not learning and finessing a bunch of committee made rules. It is ultimately about the highest moral conduct.

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New York, NY

Fantastic. So interesting.

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Anaheim, CA

The best program I have taken in years.

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Orlando, FL

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This was hands down the best CLE course I have ever taken. From start to finish, the lawyers were very engaging, and the story behind the case is fascinating.

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Walton, NY


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Cocoa Beach, FL

In some ways, the highest rating I have given for prior lectures is flawed; this is by far the most interesting and provocative class I have attended in years. I remember why I aspired to become an attorney because of attorneys Kerson and Yamaner and am m

Robert Z.
Loma Linda, CA

It was a very interesting presentation. The attorneys had to figure out their pathway as they went. They were both persistent and creative.

Eugene R.
Carmel Valley, CA

Incredible. I don't know any other lawyers who would have taken this case and handled on the same basis. Meshugeh? Yes. But wonderful and deserving of the highest praise.

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Bronx, NY

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Miami, FL

Terrific on every level and very inspiring.

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San Francisco, CA

Excellent subject, course and presentation. One of the best I've attended in over 40 years of practice. Thanks for an enjoyable learning experience and an insight into practical, ethical and substantive practice of law. These lawyers should be feted by la

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McKinney, TX

This is the most interesting CLE I have ever experienced.

Aviva Z.
Silver Spring, MD

Great program! Thank you.

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Dallas, TX

The two attorneys in this case are unbelievably righteous persons of extraordinary character and virtue. Their representation of their clients was remarkable. Thank you.

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Excellent program. The Nacher case and the conduct of these attorneys are perfect examples of cases that must be taken on and some things you don't do for money.

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Wellington, FL

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Berkeley, CA

Fantastic. Extremely interesting while also staying relevant to law and ethics. Both speakers executed an engaging presentation. I would 100% recommend this to any lawyer.

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Katy, TX

Interesting jurisdictional issues

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Hideaway, TX

Very interesting topic. Always cool to learn about something new.

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Kerrville, TX

As several of the other reviewers have already stated, this program makes one proud to be an attorney. It is an excellent course showing an attorney's ethical responsibility to "make the system work", in a proactive manner.

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New York, NY

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East Montpelier, VT

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Savannah, TX

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Paul Kerson is an absolutely charming man and a riveting speaker. This was so far my favorite course

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An amazing story of what it means to represent a client on matters of international concern when confronted with obstacles and ethical difficulties.

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New york, NY

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By far the most compelling CLE ever, thanks to whoever had to approve credit for NJ for taking this course.

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Glendale Heights, IL

A most interesting presentation.

Annette E. P.
Elk Grove Village, IL

best lecture so far! KolChakavod to Paul and Joseph!

Jerilyn Lopez M.
North Hills, CA

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Beth D.
Longwood, FL

This was one of the best presentations I have listened to on any subject. Compelling story and the lawyers clearly set forth what obligations ethically and morally we laywers have to clients and the system of justice.

Alicia A.
Saint Petersburg, FL


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Chappaqua, NY

Great teacher. Fantastic class!

I Matthew M.
Farmington Hills, MI

Legal war stories can be boring. This one was not.

William B.
Miami, FL

very interesting material - high level of ethics

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Boca Raton, FL

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New York, NY

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New York, NY

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Manorville, NY

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New York, NY

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New York, NY

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Burbank, CA

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Stephen K.


Fredrick W.
New Suffolk, NY

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New York, NY

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Albert K.


Ingrid S.
Mountain Lakes, NJ

It was one of the most interesting ones but just a bit confusing when all of a sudden they started talking about the penitentiary system.

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Sarasota, FL

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New York, NY

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Chatham, NY

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New York, NY

Very compelling stories. This is what lawyering is about. Knowing that an injustice had been done but not being sure that there would any satsifaction at the end the road, Kerson and his colleagues were resourceful, clever and tenacious and hurdled seriou

Michael B.
Farmington, NY

Outstanding course. Tremendous story, well told. Amazing lawyering in an uncharted area. Great lawyering!

J. Bruce G.
Woodlands, TX

my curiosity was satisfied

Donald M.
Princeton, NJ

A pleasant and informative way to spend a few hours :)

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Forest Hills, NY

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Orangeburg, NY

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New York, NY

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Ridgefield, CT

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Brooklyn, NY

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Beaverton, OR

Really intriguing case

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Hinsdale, IL

Its was a very interesting story

michael e.
west palm beach, FL

judge McKenna was a smart man....

Patricia S.
Arlington Heights, IL

This was an interesting course.

Monica J.
New York, NY

the case study was fascinating, I thought the presentation was somewhat disjointed. Overall, a good course.

Chris M.
Fresh Meadows, NY

amazing legal story

Julie S.
Atlanta, GA

Extremely interesting story that contributed to thinking about ethical considerations.

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Chicago, IL

These speakers were very interesting and I enjoyed this presentation.

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Chicago, IL

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Lake Zurich, IL

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mamaroneck, NY

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Hewlett, NY

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Cheltenham, PA

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Meredith F.


Andrea L.
Hollis, NH

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Passaic, NJ


Stephen C. E.
Oak Park, IL

Some brilliant lawyering and an outstanding presentation. A bit long but very insightful view of ethical considerations in cases similar to the one presented.

Lee B.
Boston, MA

Fascinating and thought-provoking. A rare presentation that tells vivid stories and highlights difficult controversies about the meaning of justice and the attorney's role in the justice system.

Allison C.
Plainfield, IL

I have new hero's. Thank you for inspiration. Thank you for saying "it is o.k. to take the right case without expecting a big or any payoff, do it for right!"

Thomas G.
Highland Park, IL

Excellent, excellent excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren S.
Riverhead, NY

This was one of the most interesting CLEs I have ever seen. These attorneys represent the best of what our profession is supposed to be about.

Walter S.
Atherton, CA

Their story was fascinating, and I enjoyed the weaving together of the ethical issues with procedural strategy.

Jamie R.
Baton Rouge, LA

This is without a doubt the best CLE I have ever seen. The presenters did an excellent job sharing the story of their case and connecting it to ethics. They reminded us all of the ethical challenges and considerations we face as attorneys. Their presen

Debra Y.
Pleasantville, NY

This was a fascinating presentation of an extremely important case by the attorneys who put their hearts and souls into it.

Barbara R.
Holmdel, NJ

Both presenters were passionate about the issues and held my interest throughout.

Flo Ann H.
Rochester, NY

The two presenters are poster children to disprove the bad reputation of attorners as being "greedy".

William K.
Lewiston, NY

Very gripping course taught by some of the most passionate speakers ever to lead a CLE.

Shirley P.
Rockville, MD

It's my first try. I am pleased with the program.

Peter W.
New York, NY

One of the best most interesting CLE presentations I have ever attended. Peter W. Willliams

Robin B.
Gibbsboro, IA

Please have more like this.

Kathy F.
Palos Heights, IL

Wonderful. Great models for all attorneys