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The End of Prohibition? Pending Federal Cannabis Legislation in 2020

1h 5m

Created on April 20, 2020



This program will examine the most important pending Federal legislation focused on cannabis in 2020, and what changes to the industry their potential enactment might unleash. The presenter will examine the STATES Act, the MORE Act, and the SAFE Banking Act, and will take a "deep dive" into what passage of each - or all - of these bills could mean for current cannabis industry participants, as well as for the numerous outside companies, banks, and investors currently watching the cannabis industry from the sidelines.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss how marijuana and hemp are regulated today in the United States, both by the federal government and at the state level
  2. Analyze what the primary proposed federal legislation could do (and definitely won't do) for participants in the cannabis industry
  3. Appreciate the challenges faced by state-compliant cannabis businesses in navigating federal regulations 

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