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The Craft of Contract Drafting: How to Write Great Agreements

1h 4m

Created on March 12, 2020





Contract "draftsmanship" is something of a lost art in a world where legal forms have become ubiquitous in the marketplace. Despite that, it is as important as ever for attorneys, especially in-house counsel, to adeptly navigate various contractual structures and help their clients avoid the many pitfalls associated with using boilerplate forms. This program, presented by Todd Kulkin, will provide practical advice to attorneys as to how to structure their agreements to hit the right deal points, mitigate risk for their clients, and set up their transactions for success

Learning Objectives:

  1. Shift and mitigate risk using varied contractual techniques
  2. Structure and negotiate contracts to serve your client's business model
  3. Dissect the anatomy of an agreement and how to leverage it for your client's benefit
  4. Identify practical points of "draftsmanship" which are not taught in law school
  5. Analyze "boilerplate clauses" and be equipped to use them to your client's advantage 

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