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Business of Law and Succession Planning for Small Law Firms in New Jersey

1h 4m

Created on February 06, 2024





As a prospective legal entrepreneur, it's imperative to grasp the multifaceted dynamics of commencing your own law firm. Navigate the intricate landscape of business ownership within the legal domain, arming yourself with insights that empower you to make well-informed choices with far-reaching implications for your practice. However, this course goes beyond establishment, compelling you to plan for the future from inception. 

This program, presented by Gigio Ninan and Justin Cohen, discusses law firm initiation, encompassing foundational aspects that encompass both legal craftsmanship and entrepreneurial wisdom. From delineating the fundamentals of setting up your practice to deciphering the pivotal role of an advanced exit plan in succession planning, this course paints a holistic picture of the journey ahead.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the crucial foundational steps required to establish a successful law firm, incorporating both legal expertise and business acumen

  2. Discuss the essential components of setting up a law firm, ranging from legal considerations to operational necessities, with a comprehensive understanding of their significance

  3. Predict the potential challenges and opportunities that may arise during the inception and operation of a law firm, enabling strategic planning and adaptive responses

  4. Implement advanced exit plans and succession strategies from the outset, ensuring the continuity of the law firm's operations in unforeseen circumstances and transitions

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