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The Business of Fashion - People and Politics (Part II): Employment Best Practices Update

1h 3m

Created on January 26, 2017



We always hear that people are a company's best asset. We know from experience that this is true; but they are also the greatest liability. Fashion companies are constantly vying for the best talent as the applicant pool grows limited. Employment laws are becoming more complicated each year and employers carry a greater administrative burden as time passes. This course will help you understand the laws and best practices surrounding hiring and firing, employee classification (exempt, non-exempt and independent contractor), paid vs. unpaid internships and collectively bargained employees.

Join Rania V. Sedhom, Founding Member, Sedhom Law Group PLLC, a Bespoke Law Firm ™, and John S. Ho, a member in Cozen O'Connor's labor and employment practice group, as they discuss how fashion companies can comply with employment laws while continuing to monetize their business.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Grasp employment law basics including:

    1. Hiring

    2. Firing

    3. Record-keeping

    4. Minimum Wage escalation
  2. Comprehend the changes to the NY Wage Theft Prevention Act

  3. Identify employee classifications:

    1. Exempt

    2. Non-exempt

    3. Independent contractor
  4. Gain familiarity with internships and when they can be unpaid

  5. Understand Collective Bargaining issues, including:

    1. Interview questions

    2. Background checks

    3. Driver's licenses  

    4. Termination Do's and Don't's

    5. Downsizing and restructuring

    6. Hourly Employees

    7. Salaried Employees
  6. Learn about new laws that took effect since January 1, 2016

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