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The Basics of New York Child Support

1h 15m

Created on December 18, 2017




New York's Child Support Standards Act ("CSSA") governs, either in full or in part, the financial obligations of married and unmarried parents with respect to their child. This program provides a discussion of the CSSA and related case law in New York that will provide context when navigating child support obligations upon a party's first request for same and continuing until the child's emancipation.

Presented by Emily S. Pollock and Kelly A. Frawley, partners in the matrimonial and family law department of Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP, this discussion provides an informative overview of the substantive laws governing issues relating to child support.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss an overview of child support including "basic child support" and additional expenses for a child that a parent might be obligated to pay pursuant to court order or agreement between the parties
  2. Identify the payor and the recipient of basic child support and the duration of such obligation
  3. Review the sources of income available to calculate child support
  4. Describe briefly the documents used to determine a parent's income
  5. Discern the strict requirements for agreements that deviate from child support guidelines
  6. Provide an overview of the law in respect to modifying a party's child support obligation
  7. Examine obligations to support the non-biological or non-adoptive child

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