The Basics of Government Contracting

Production Date: June 28, 2014 Practice Areas: Administrative Law Estimated Length: 5400 minutes


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Do you have clients considering making an offer in response to a US Government Request for Proposal? Are you overwhelmed by the idea of advising them in regards to a US government prime contract, or subcontract?  Are you a corporate counsel faced with your company’s first contract with the US government?

In this course, Hazel Scalia provides you with a basic, practical introduction to two basic federal regulations: the Federal Acquisition Regulation, and its supplementary cousins; and the Contract Disputes Act. Both are fundamental to any legal understanding of US government contracting. 


Learning Objectives:

  1. Diagram the process cycle of contracting with the US government
  2. Decipher the legal framework regulating contracts between private entities and the US government (Federal Acquisition Regulation)
  3. Compare and contrast contracts between the US with those between private parties
  4. Determine the time and location for resolution of disputes arising under these contracts
  5. Recognize the most important persons in the government procurement cycle
  6. Locate additional sources of information for the beginning, US Gov. contract practitioner

This course originally appeared as a part of our June 2014 Bridge the Gap Event.

John A.
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Terrific instructor

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Ms. Scalia is a great presenter.

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Very clear presentation

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Excellent presentation. The speaker was very knowledgeable in this area of law.

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This was an excellent course, on point, relevant and useful.

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Lots of good facts.

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Thank you

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Great speaker, really enjoyed her style.

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Presenter really knew her material - excellent practical experience.

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She was interesting, and I enjoyed hearing stories about her international work.

eric m.
Panama City, FL

Good presentation - good information and very good showing the reference materials where you need to go for more info!

Stanley J C.
Spring Grove, IL

Excellent presentation on Federal contracts. I was hoping for State contracts as well.

Mathew K.
Sacramento, CA

Good start, looking forward to series in October

Carl F.
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Speaker was so knowledgeable and personable, I want to give her "5's", because "4" is not high enough.

Susan P.
Brookfield, CT

good identification of resource material

Andrew D G.
Lake Success, LB

Very informative and well presented.

Laurie B.
Laguna Beach, CA

Great presentation, more would be helpful. Maybe cover small business rules in another one?

Nizar A.
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How Ms. Scalia made this subject interesting, I will never know. Excellent presentation of dry subject matter.

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fantastic and very informative.

Austin, TX


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McLean, VA

Excellent substantive presentation by an energetic, well-prepared, and knowledgable presenter. Great job!

Madeline S.
Lynchburg, VA

Ms. Scalia is by far the best CLE presenter I've ever watched. In 90 minutes, she explained the entire government contracting process in a clear and easy way to understand. No one should ever have to go on mission or get involved in government contracti

gretal t.
Sterling, VA

Excellent course!

juliet s.
Merrifield, VA

A really well informed dynamic attorney who knows the pitfalls and realities often on the ground where one is contracting. Well done presentation.

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Good presentation of potentially dry topic.

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Great presentation of a relatively bland, and somewhat overwhelming, subject. Good written materials with helpful citations and recommended resources.

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GREAT Instructor. I would like to speak with somebody at LawLine about potentially developing / delivering a course on some niche areas of Government Contracting.

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Excellent presenter!

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Great course! Very knowledgeable presenter with a sense of humor. Made this topic quite understandable.

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Terrific speaker

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GREAT practical applications. Nice to hear from some in-house lawyers.

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Highly recommended

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Excellent presenter - very engaging -- made dry material interesting with specific examples and scenarios

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One of the best seminars I have watched.

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This was a very good class!

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Interesting topic presented against the backdrop of war. Good presentation. Thank you.

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My time with this seminar has been time well spent.

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really great

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Very engaging...and delivered with certain clarity that was easy to follow. Thank you, Hazel!

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Energetic and resource full. Excellent presentation!

Hae P.
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If she can hold another seminar about small business contract with the federal or local government, it will be great.

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would change title to contracting pitfalls and litigation basics or something to that effect. but great speaker!

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Interesting and informative!

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She was very clear and easily understandable. It was a very enjoyable seminar.

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Great primer to government contracting!

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Outstanding speaker!

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good overview of a very broad subject.

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An excellent seminar!

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exceeded my expectations!

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Excellent program

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Very informative and easy to follow. Great job!

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great presentation, well organized and alot of understandable information and insights

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The speaker was excellent and very enthusiastic.